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Tips for Posing Couples Naturally

Tips for Posing Couples Naturally

Whether you’re shooting an engagement session, a wedding, an anniversary milestone or some photos for holiday cards, coming up with unique and creative poses when photographing couples can be a challenge. Before you even take the first shot with your camera from, try to get the couple into a comfortable and familiar environment by planning for locations or activities that are important to the couple. This will make them relax, enjoy themselves and show who they really are.  Once you have the couple comfortable and relaxed, it will be easier and more natural feeling when you position them into some of the following poses we have found for you. Capture the relationship- Make the couple feel at ease by shooting in a familiar location, or while doing an activity they enjoy together like playing a board game or tossing Frisbee with their dog. They are more likely to relax and show you who they really are in a familiar environment. This will loosen them up for the rest of the photo shoot. Start simple-An easy starting pose is to have the couple standing face to face, but looking towards the camera, with her holding an arm on his chest. Take both close-up as well as vertical shots. The look- In order to show love and affection, having the couple look at each other is key. There is something about eye contact that makes a couple really feel their love for each other. If they're a passionate couple, this look will ignite an undeniable chemistry. If they're a silly couple, this look will result in a fit of giggles, which always makes for a good photo. Cuddle up- Getting cuddly is so important.  Have them wrap their arms around each other and pull each other in close and feel the moment. If they're facing each other, they can cuddle up and rest their foreheads together or have the shorter of the two rest their head on the other's chest or shoulder.  If one of them is facing away, have them cuddle up close and entangle their arms. Do this while the person in the back kisses the temple area of the person in front. Sweet Nothings- As the couple is cuddling, ask one to whisper something into the other's ear.  This is perfect because since it's a whisper and they know no one can hear, they're going to whisper something from the heart.  Whether that's a declaration of love resulting in a sweet facial expression or a dirty joke ensuing in laughter, you're guaranteed to get some great emotion. The almost kiss- Have the couple to very slowly go in for a kiss and pause just a second before the actual kiss.  The entire time this is happening, you should be shooting.  By doing this, you're capturing the build-up and emotion leading up to that kiss while avoiding the smashing of faces. Be sure to ask them to smile softly during the process and not pucker up until the very last second. The romantic walk- Have the couple walk toward the camera holding hands and looking at each other.  Encourage conversation and natural interaction. Another option is to have them turn around and walk away from the camera as well. Giving a different look to what is virtually the same pose. Set your DSLR from to burst mode so you can select the photos with the best leg movement and positioning afterwards.   These tips will help you bring out authentic and natural poses and interactions the next time you find yourself photographing couples.  
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