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Tips to Make Your Instagram Pics Pop

Tips to Make Your Instagram Pics Pop

Have you been posting loads of Instagram pictures but not getting noticed? Around 95 million Instagram images are posted to Instagram every day, so it's little wonder that many get lost in the crowd. Here are a few tips to make your Instagram pictures pop.

Tips to Make Your Instagram Pics Pop

Timing is everything

Find the best time to post your Instagram pictures. Will your followers be on Instagram at 3 am? Probably not. The best times be in front of your monitor from to post Instagram images are 10 am, 5 pm, and 9 pm.

Photoshoots are your friend

Who doesn't love dressing up and taking photos? Use this to your advantage. Dress up and take some photos around town with your friends. You’ll have some high-quality Instagram pictures of yourself that you can post periodically. Tag the friend that took the Instagram pictures to help them get more followers and they may do the same for you.

Don't forget to show your face

Don't forget to take a selfie or two.... or even three. If selfies aren't your thing, have someone take Instagram pictures of you doing your favorite things. If you love fashion, have someone take a photo of you in your favorite outfit. If you’re an outdoor lover, have a family member or friend take an Instagram picture of you on a mountain. People WANT to see your face!

Tips to Make Your Instagram Pics Pop

Post frequently

Favorite users to follow are those that post to IG every day. Followers love to see what’s going on in your day to day life. It can be hard to find an Instagram-worthy photo every day. Take Instagram pictures of anything you think would look great as your Instagram profile pic or anything you love.

Tips to Make Your Instagram Pics Pop

Find a catchy caption

Take pride in your Instagram captions. A good trick to captions is to think of a "behind the scene" sentence that describes your Instagram picture. Also, hashtag away. Hashtags are a good way to gain likes and get your Instagram images out there. Also, if you’re wearing or using a brand, tag them! You never know when your Instagram image may be featured on that brand's Instagram account.

Work like a tripod

Great still photography requires a steady hand. To get crisp Instagram pictures free from motion blur, you need to turn yourself into a human tripod. Look around you to see how you can support yourself. Use a table, a tree, a park bench, your BFF… whatever. Anything to help keep you and your camera lens steady. Invest in a DJI Osmo Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones from This will make it easier to take selfies without worrying about awkward arms getting in the way or the phone toppling over at the last moment.

Tips to Make Your Instagram Pics Pop

Think about composition

Knowing how to frame your Instagram pictures might help you enhance the impact of the scene. Think possible camera angles, background, symmetry, balance and lighting. When you look at a scene with your naked eye, your brain picks out subjects of interest. Choose your subject for your Instagram picture, isolate it from the background clutter and make it the center of attention in the frame. Looking at your Instagram profile boils down to a collection of photos of things that you love. You can think of it as a kind of digital scrapbook. Your Instagram pictures don’t have to stay digital & intangible, either. There are a handful of companies who will turn your Instagram pictures into little books, stickers, or even print pillows with a selection of your favorite Instagram pictures!

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