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Top Trends in Photography for 2020

Top Trends in Photography for 2020

Knowing what the latest photography trends are in the photography industry is incredibly useful. Whether for wedding shots, stock images, product photography, or the latest portrait photography trends, knowing what to shoot gives you an advantage. Clients are always looking for something new. We have the top photography trends for 2020.

Tighter Crops

Tighter crops and images that show facial details and expressions establish an emotional connection between the image and person looking at it. The latest photography trends are trending toward even tighter crops, even trimming the tops of subjects’ heads to put more focus on the face. This trend makes people feel like they are there.

Top Trends in Photography for 2020

Bird’s Eye View

Thanks to drone photography, more projects are using images that feature a bird’s-eye-view of something. It’s a popular photography trend for 2020 with images that capture events or places. What makes this new photography trend work most stunningly is solid composition. It takes the right eye to create a bird’s-eye-view image that demands attention. Look for images with strong shapes, identifiable markers, and an overall sense of creativity. The images will draw you in as you try to take in all the details of the scene.

Top Trends in Photography for 2020

Soft Background Blur

Photos with depth and focus are one of the latest photography trends. Images with a background blur is a popular way to accomplish that. Blur helps created depth of field in the background while helping the eye move to the part of the image that’s most important for the design.

“Headless” Crops

Have you noticed how many photos of people are lacking faces? Or even heads these days? One of the photography trends for 2020 is taking photos and cropping the heads or faces out of them. Brands like it because they can show a person or action without showing a specific someone, and stock photographers like it because the model’s face doesn’t get overused. It can work if the crop doesn’t seem to decapitate the subject of the photo.

Nature Everywhere

Going green is a trending concept and it has made its way into the photography trends for 2020 as well. From photos that are being taken outside to photos that feature plants indoors, elements of nature are popping up everywhere. Using natural elements can soften a scene and help create a better sense of harmony and serenity in images. It can also add depth and background elements that don’t overpower the rest of the visual composition.


Color can be used in very much the same way with photography as in general design. Backgrounds, foregrounds, and bright accents can help draw users into photos and help them understand the content even better. It can also make images stand out so that they are more visually intriguing as a design element on their own.

Top Trends in Photography for 2020

Staged Still Life

This new photography trend involves a photographer gathering items to stage an image that showcases a scene of items arranged neatly or in a specific way. While there’s no rule to what angle the image is taken from, most of these images seem to be photographed from above so that you’re looking down into the scene with your camera. Many of these photos feature a simple table or background that you almost don’t see with a focus on the textured and colorful elements in the foreground.

Top Trends in Photography for 2020

Bright Light

Bright, almost blown out light effects are a popular photo effect you can get with the help of a light reflector set from It might be natural— thanks to lighting placement in the frame— or an effect that’s applied during editing. Bright light often comes from a certain position and spreads through the image. It works on images that are just scenery. But it’s also one of the latest portrait photography trends.

Selfie Style

Not only is the “selfie” photo a photography trend for 2020, but it also has a look of its own. In this trend, the style is often exemplified by a group of young people smiling at a DJI Osmo Pocket Touchscreen Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Camera from But there’s often a color cast— most commonly a warm hue such as orange— on the image. Whether you want to fill your Instagram feed with on-trend images or you want to know how to go against the crowd, these are the latest photography trends you can expect to see trending in 2020.

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