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Trends in Wedding Photography for 2016

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but brides know that a price cannot be placed on the perfect wedding pictures.  With wedding season just around the corner, we are taking a look at the hottest trends in wedding photography for 2016.  Basically the rules have been thrown out the window and the sky is the limit with today’s wedding photography.  It’s all about unstaged poses instead of conventional poses, and an emphasis has been placed on photojournalism versus traditional photography. Both wedding couples and photographers are taking this newfound freedom to new and exciting heights!

Gone are the days of taking perfectly staged pictures of every person in the wedding party, and every family member from the bride’s 4th cousin to the groom’s great-great Uncle Bob.  The trend this year includes more natural shots of the bride and groom and their guests; whether it’s Granddad and granddaughter dancing together, toddlers chasing each other around the reception, or an intimate moment of the bride fixing her groom’s tie.  Couples are looking for those authentic moments that capture people’s thoughts or emotions and tell a story in a natural way. People are also changing where they get married as well.  Traditionally, couples returned to where the bride grew up to exchange their vows. They aren’t getting married where they live as often now.  Instead, people want to get married in places that make them feel alive and with amazing landscapes.  This allows for the photographers to replace the placed props and flowers and instead create a more natural setting for the photos. If it isn’t on social media, it didn’t happen!  Bride and grooms are creating their own hashtags and are tagging photos of events leading up to and on the big day, as well as asking their wedding guests to tag their photos when posting online. This allows for those not able to attend to enjoy the festivities on Instagram and Twitter.  Once the bride and groom have returned from their honeymoon, they can even download an app such as Artifact Uprising and upload those photos from Instagram and create printed hardcover books.  There are a variety of digital cameras that would be perfect to use for uploading wedding pictures to your smartphone at It is the decade of the “selfie”, so the wedding photography repertoire would not be complete this year without the “selfie station”. Social media savvy couples are setting these stations up with a nice backdrop for their family and friends to capture themselves having a great time at their wedding. What wedding photo shoot would be complete without the perfect aerial shots taken by those infamous drones?  These shots of the whole wedding landscape aren’t just reserved for celebrities anymore.  Aerial shots of the entire wedding event or of an intimate moment between the bride and groom on the hillside have become one of the biggest trends of 2016. Of course, no family member should ever be left out of the wedding photos.  That includes man’s best friend as well.  Wedding photos that include the couple’s pets are gaining in popularity every year.  So it’s no surprise that this will also be a huge trend during the 2016 wedding season also.  Stop by to see details about how you could win a Canon T6 18-55mm camera so you’ll be ready to take your own photos this wedding season!  
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