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Tricks to Use When Posing for Pictures

Tricks to Use When Posing for Pictures

Tricks to Use When Posing for Pictures
Posing in front of a camera may seem like a daunting task. You’ve spent hours on your hair and make-up, picked out the perfect outfit, and are completely satisfied with your appearance. You look like a professional model, yet somehow the pictures that were taken of you at your best friend’s wedding didn’t turn out quite as flattering as you had hoped. Most likely that is because posing for pictures, which may seem overwhelming can actually be a breeze, and you may not have had the right prep to lean on to obtain the best poses for great photos.

Imagine you are graduating from college, this a major milestone in a person’s life and career trajectory. If your pose isn’t ideal, than when you look back at the photos or share them on social media you may be disappointed with the results of the final exposures.

Don’t be afraid, reshoots are common and even with that in mind we hope some of the tricks and posing tips we will provide will insure you take more flattering shots, get the best poses the next time you are the subject in photography.

Using different poses to get those great photos and headshots, try using different angles as a professional photographer would advise you. This will give the photographer to get the multiple shots to obtain the best angle suited to provide you with the best photos. So re shooting a photoshoot isn’t the end of the world. As a client, your professional photographer is going to want you to be happy with the image quality, your pose and how you appear.

There are so many different posing tips which while giving you the best angle cab produce the best photos. From getting your lighting conditions just right, to good posture and much more, your great photos are just a step away.

Try some of these posing tips which should make your experience that much better. And the next time you are posing for photos looking for the best photos, you should be able to achieve different poses that will pop with vibrancy, detail and sharpness and leave your friends, family and peers in awe.


When posing for photos ensure that you are in good natural light. Good lighting is so crucial to obtaining the pic you so desire. A light source can come from the sun or man made lighting. A professional photographer using different shooting bulbs can direct you to the best lighting condition suited to obtaining the best poses for your photoshoot.


Use Your Tongue

This may feel strange and take some time to get used to, but if you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth while smiling it will elongate your neck and help avoid the dreaded double chin.

Hand on Your Hip

Posing with your arm flat against your body makes your arm look flattened and tends to make it look bigger. By resting your hand on your hip, and angling your arm towards the camera, you can eliminate this issue, like professional models working their way at a photoshoot.

Cross Your Ankles

If having your picture taken head-on, cross your legs at the calf.  This simple trick will make your hips look narrower and your legs look longer. It’s a nice casual pose as well the right pose to avoid possible bloating in the exposure of your image.

Angle Your Face

Try to avoid looking at the camera straight on. Stand slightly sideways and tilt your chin up or down a little bit avoiding the direct front of the camera while your eye level is looking at something just above your line of sight. This should also accentuate your jawline. This is a good train of though to ingrain in yourself when posing for self-portraits to selfies even on a smartphone like an iPhone.


Don’t Say Cheese

Smiling for the camera can in a close-up shot can be a tricky thing.  If you smile too big your face will tense up, your eyes will look squinty, and your cheeks will puff out.  If you don’t smile at all, you’ll look angry or pouty.  The best way to solve this problem is to just smile naturally the way you do when the camera isn’t around. Don’t force your facial expression as often seen in family photos.

Good Posture

It’s time to practice what your mother has always preached to you.  Stand up straight. This will elongate you in photographs and bring out a look of strength and confidence in a full body picture. If you lean on something during a photoshoot, chances are this will show a more relaxed exposure if you are looking for that when posing in front of a camera.

Don’t Get Up Close

The closer you are to the camera, the larger you or your features will appear. Let’s be honest, this won’t be a very flattering appearance on social media if you are blogger. While compiling a vlog or creating content that you plan to upload to the social media platform of your choice, you do want that one on one experience to shine though to your viewers and subscribers. That being said, find the correct distance from the front of the camera to your posing position and you will obtain the best angle to portray your content and further your career as an internet influencer.

Loosen Up

Finally, loosen up and have some fun. Unless you are posing for a specific professional photo shoot, most of your best shots will be the ones taken while you are relaxed, casual, and having fun with your friends and family. So keep your set yourself up in good lighting, retain proper eye level good, maintain good posture among some of our other tips, and your know how for posing for great photos in your next photoshoot will be that much simpler.

Great Camera Options

Some great camera options for obtaining that perfect pose are available for purchase and you should take these into account when searching for those great photos.

We have the Canon EOS R50 Mirrorless Camera Content Creator Kit. A great price point and geared for your Vlogs, with it’s 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, 4K uncropped movie shooting at up to 30 fps oversampled from 6K with dual pixel Autofocus II and Movie mode for close up demos, this is a compact lightweight form factor, making traveling with it to photoshoots so much easier.

Another fantastic camera option is the Sony a7 III Mirrorless Full Frame Camera Body + 28-70mm Lens Kit. With specs like it’s advanced 24.2MP Back-Illuminated 35mm Full-frame Image Sensor, Eye-AF with AF-C; Direct AF point 4-way multi-selector; touch AF, High Resolution 4K HDR Movie Shooting w/ full pixel readout, no pixel cropping and the longest rated battery life of any mirrorless camera at up to 710 images on a full charge with a fantastic standard zoom lens for great photos.

A third tremendous option for cameras which will assist you getting great photos is the Sony Alpha ZV-E1 Full-Frame Interchangeable Lens Mirrorless Camera & 28-60mm Lens. Mounted on Sony’s E-Mount system, this Full-frame 12.1MP1 Exmor R sensor, optimized for 4K, sensitivity and efficiency is not only a great camera in general, but it can also be a dedicated vlogging camera. When it’s multiple Face Recognition automatically optimizes depth of field for selfies or groups, posing for those family photos and obtaining the high-end image quality and obtaining the proper depth of field should be fluid and efficient.

Use these tips and you will have the know how to look great in every shot taken with your camera or smartphone from

Tricks to Use When Posing for Pictures


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