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Valentine's Day Gifts for Photography Lovers

Valentine's Day Gifts for Photography Lovers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If your special someone loves photography, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift could be a struggle. Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will fit every price point as you search for the perfect gift for that photography lover in your life. Homemade Valentine’s Day Card Add your own personal touch to the traditional Valentine’s Day card exchange. Instead of giving the generic grocery store card this year, create a card on your laptop with a special photo of the two of you on the front. Add the sentiment you’d like inside the card, and simply print it on your printer from Take a Selfie Gift your photography lover one of these nifty Fujifilm Instax cameras for Valentine’s Day. Then use this gift to spend the rest of this special day taking instant, frame-worthy selfies together. The dedicated selfie/close-up shooting mode will make taking these Valentine selfies a breeze! Camera Bag It’s always hard to choose the right Valentine gift for photography lovers. However, you can never go wrong when gifting a new Deco Gear camera bag or backpack. Whether shooting on vacation, their kid’s dance recital, or the backyard wildlife, photography lovers can never have enough camera bags. Editing Help Whether working from home, or trying to edit on the move, a tablet is a useful tool for your photographer. The Surface Pro from is one of the best tablets for photo editing you can get your Valentine photography lover.  The Pro 7 will run the full Windows OS along with the full version of your Valentine’s favorite photo editing software. Help Preserve the Memories Don’t risk losing your Valentine’s Day memories, or any of the new memories you and your photography lover will make the rest of the year. Gift your photography lover a weather-resistant, shock resistant and high-speed memory card to ensure those photo memories will be treasured forever. Entry-Level Camera If your Valentine is just beginning to dabble in photography, give them the Nikon D3500. It’s the perfect entry-level camera for a photography lover just getting started. Your Valentine photography lover will be able to shoot outstanding photos on auto mode. When your Valentine is ready, they can use the full manual control and advanced features offered on the D3500 with ease. Drone Want to really earn some brownie points with your Valentine photography lover? Gift them a drone so they can take aerial photos and videos. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro will capture incredible 20MP photos as well as 4K video with its 1-inch Hasselbald camera sensor. Start by taking some practice shots of the two of you celebrating Valentine’s Day on your favorite beach or sledding down the snow-covered hills. You’re sure to capture your photographer’s heart with any of these Valentine’s gifts.
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