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Valentines Day Photoshoot Ideas You Have to Try

Valentines Day Photoshoot Ideas You Have to Try

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, it’s time to discuss photography ideas that will encompass your loved one. When talking about Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas, there are so many creative ways to photograph a fun Valentine’s Day with your significant other. After all you want to make this a unique valentine for your loved one. This can be done with some tutorials coupled with amazing photography equipment. Don’t fret, even if this is the first time you are attempting to take a home photoshoot or a photo session away from home, you will get some great shoot ideas to make this a cute Valentine’s Day for you and your image subject.

So let’s delve a bit deeper into some picture ideas that will make this Valentine’s Day Photography session having you feel like a professional photographer.


Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas

So, it’s Valentines Day and you want to take some creative photos with your loved one, we need to explore ideas to get that romantic photoshoot you desire.

  1. Get some amazing Valentine’s Day images by trying some romantic couple photoshoots. Put on that red lipstick and head out for your first date with confidence.

  2. Try adding some photo props to your photoshoot like heart shaped items or a large cupid in the shot, wow that would make for a cute photo that will bring lasting memories. Try adding some romantic colored confetti to your shot. You will be able to create a wonderful Valentine’s Day picture even with these DIY ideas.

  3. Take close up shots of your loved one, after all if you are a portrait photographer looking to further your career and perhaps get ready to shoot your first wedding video.

  4. Try shooting some mini sessions with different presets on your camera and other Valentine’s Day photo ideas. Perhaps you want some red heart emoji’s or heart balloons to float in the background of your photoshoot. Try adding a heart shaped Bokeh which will make for a beautiful shot of your loved one with a romantic heart shaped background.

  5. Set up a boudoir photoshoot for those intimate settings which just scream romance and physical attraction to your loved one.

  6. Try to have the natural light or ambient light in your photoshoot compliment your subject.

  7. Set up your shot in an intimate setting during the Golden Hour. It is the ideal time for photography because the light that exists during this period of time isn’t harsh it is soft light and produces a warm color.

  8. The golden hour is one of the best possible times for silhouette photography. Capturing outstanding silhouettes is easy during this time of the day when you position your subject in front of the natural light source and shoot towards the sun. This will make your subject really pop out as the light changes and there is different directional lighting. Try using strong backlighting which should result in a wonderful silhouette shot jus begging to be uploaded to your social media site of choice.

  9. Try having your loved one in flat lay photo. These are photos taken from the top down and you could set up a romantic photo of your loved one that would make for a great Valentines card.

    valentines day

Cameras perfect for Valentine’s Day

There are a plethora of special gifts that would enhance this Valentine’s Day for you or your loved one. So this is a great time to get a jump on some of these items to be ready for a great Valentine’s Day.

Let’s begin by discussing what cameras will help achieve your Valentine photoshoot ideas. Having the right camera for your preferred setting is extremely important so we can explore some different options for you.

We would like to start off with unique Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Film Camera. Here are some of the specs and features we love about this film camera.

  • The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 has the retro look of a Polaroid. This vintage camera has a really unique peak design coupled with some great features.

  • Taking selfies over the Valentine’s Day with your loved one can be a memorable enjoyable experience. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is a great camera for this purpose. With it’s built in selfie lens.

  • While the camera automatically adjusts to ambient light or natural light, the shutter speed, flash brightness and other settings are all done for you. This makes for a great camera even for beginners, as all you have to do as a photographer is point and shoot and the camera will optimize the exposure for a high quality image.

  • Extremely simplistic to use. Twist the lens to turn on the camera and then twist again for close up mode. Depress the shutter button for a quick release, capturing those images quickly.

  • With this iconic looking instant photo camera, use the Instax Up app from Fuji. So get ready to put your jaw dropping Valentines Day photos on social media.

  • With the Instax instant Film your instant image printing can make for exposures which will look great in a photography book

We can’t skip over the amazing Sony a7C Full Frame Mirrorless Alpha Camera Body + 28-60mm Lens Kit ILCE-7CL/B Black. A professional camera that would be perfect for your Valentine’s Day photoshoot. Here is what we love about this camera.

  • This camera comes in at a very reasonable price point for a DSLR camera with such features.

  • The Sony a7C is the World’s smallest and lightest full-frame camera.

  • With a tremendous 24.2 MP back illuminated sensor for gorgeous images. So maybe you want to recreate your first date, this camera will provide you with all the presets you need.

  • The Sony a7C has the ability to shoot in 4K HDR at 30 FPS and Full HD or 1080P at 120 FPS for great frame rate refresh. This should help with blurriness of your image and all but remove any of that blur when showing your image prior to or after post processing.

  • All new 4D focus covering approximately 425 AF points of your shot. Tremendously improved human and animal eye tracking with the camera in autofocus mode.

  • A side opening vari-angle (tilting and rotating) LCD screen which has the brightness even for those harsh lighting conditions like sunny snowy reflective days or even low light days.

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are included with the Sony a7C camera, connecting it to the Sony app found in the appstore of your PC or smartphone, photo editing and post processing have never been easier.

  • Powered through connecting via USB-C is the the high-capacity NP-FZ100 battery. This battery provides enough power to capture up to 740 images without needing a charge. However as this is a lithium ion battery which will degrade in capacity over time, it is always recommended to have spare batteries. So even if you have a long photoshoot set up for Valentine’s Day or a compilation of mini sessions, you should get great battery life.


Want to preorder a new fantastic camera for a great photo session. Take a gander at the Panasonic LUMIX G100D 4K Mirrorless Camera w/ 12-32mm Lens, Built-In Mic - DC-G100DKK. This newly announced camera from Panasonic will have all the features and more to get a creative photo for your romantic photoshoot. Let’s explore a bit deeper why we think this camera is right in the sweet spot for you.

  • This camera was designed with the content creator in mind. So your fun Valentine’s Day photos with all of your photo props can show off your photography expertise. Don’t be alarmed as this camera is also great for beginners.

  • This super compact & lightweight camera is great for a romantic valentine’s day photoshoot which requires some travel. Weighing in at only approximately 416 grams with lens attached, this camera is so easy to move around with.

  • A 20.3MP MFT Sensor provides the capability to shoot video in 4K/30P and FHD/60P coupled with clear and sharp photos.

  • With it’s advanced OZO audio with tracking that automatically adjusts the recording range and direction during your selfie, any unwanted background noise fades away.

  • Top of the line Blur free dual image stabilization which will eliminate the shake from handheld shooting which causes the blur. So you image will be exposed clearly and vibrantly.

  • Thanks to the included connectivity via bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Lumix G100 connects seamlessly with your smartphone via the versatile LUMIX Sync app. The app can be found in the iOs Appstore on Apple devices and in the Google Play Store on Android devices.


Okay, so now you have the camera you need to get that great Valentine’s Day Photoshoot, but you need a good lens to pair with the interchangeable lens cameras that we previously discussed.

Therefore we highly recommend the Sony FE 85mm F1.4 GM Full Frame E-Mount Lens. This lens is stock full of features that will compliment your camera for amazing high quality still images and video recordings. Here is a quick peek at some of the great features of this high end Gold Master or GM lens from Sony.

  • Get a beautiful natural defocused bokeh from XA elements built into the lens.

  • SSM (Super Sonic Wave Motor) for speedy, near silent and precise focusing on your subject.

  • With this type of investment, you want to know that your lens is protected. Good news, this lens has dust and moisture resistant reliability and longevity.

  • It’s amazing autofocus and instant auto/manual focus selection can be accessed via an AF/MF switch.

  • There are many more features you will want to check out on this cool lens that will enhance any home photoshoot this Valentine’s Day.


Show your Love

Valentines Day is always a great time to spend time with your loved one. So with our tutorials and equipment suggestions, you have some great Valentine’s Day photo ideas to get the most out of this holiday which is all about love. Whether you are a beginner or experienced professional photographer, having that cute photo that you may want to show off on social media is just a few steps away.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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