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All I Want for Christmas is the Perfect Card to Send

Chances are you haven’t even thought about what you want to do for your Christmas cards yet. But you’re in luck!  If you’re looking to do something a little different this year, we’ve put together some fun photo ideas to use for your Christmas card.

Baby’s 1st Christmas

Share the special moments of your newest family member’s first Christmas with your family and friends.

Gift wrapped baby

Wrap the bottom of a box in holiday paper, place a Santa hat on your baby’s head, and position him in the box so he’s peeking out over the top of the box.


Print the word Mistletoes on the bottom of the card. Then take shots of the bottoms of your baby’s feet while surrounded by Christmas blankets, bedding or decorations in the background. Or Stamp his footprints on the front of the card with some holly and berries stamped or painted above.

Just the Kids

Nothing says Christmas more than the joy and innocence of children around this holiday season.

Let it snow

If you are lucky enough to already have snow, you have so many options for perfect outdoor holiday shots. Anything from snowmen and snow angels, to snowball fights and sleigh rides will make for nice wintry scenes on your cards.


To show the sweet side of your children, try shots of them reading a Christmas book together in their pajamas, holding up cardboard letters to spell out Christmas related words, or snuggled up together and wrapped in Christmas lights.


It’s the best time to get your family in front of the camera from and show your family’s true personality, whether it’s serious, funny or just plain crazy!


There are so many options if you’re going for a more traditional look. Photo shoots of the family at a Christmas tree farm can be serious or fun. The family can gather around the Christmas tree, and dad can hold up the youngest child to set the star on top of the tree.

Let’s get crazy

The family can imitate a scene from their favorite Christmas movie. There’s always the naughty and nice list options, or the shock of seeing mommy and daddy kissing under the mistletoe.

Couple Cards

Just engaged or married this year? Expecting a bundle of joy? Or just a couple spending another holiday together? Capture your love on a Canon 6D SLR Camera and share it with the ones you love by showing it on a Christmas card.

Merry Kiss-mas

Pull out the mistletoe and pucker up to wish friends and family a Merry Kiss-mas! Create a heart with two candy canes and hold them out in front of you as the shutter releases on the Sony Cyber-Shot Camera from Use it in the foreground and create the bokeh effect with your lens. Or just simply kiss underneath the mistletoe.

Playful poses

Try wearing antlers with one wearing a red nose. Or break out those ugly holiday sweaters, Santa hats, or Mr. and Mrs. Claus costumes.

Happy “Howl”idays

Don’t forget the pets. Send out a card featuring your 4-legged family members, or include them in the family photo.

Next year

Plan ahead for next year’s cards. Always have your camera ready and take holiday shots while on vacation, at special occasions, and anytime something happens that is a reason to celebrate or is photo worthy. From babies to pets, we’ve got your Christmas cards covered this season.

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