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What are the Main Types of Photography?

What are the Main Types of Photography?

Do you find yourself taking the same types of photos day in and day out? Stuck in a rut of only taking images of landscapes on your daily walk? Or maybe you’ve always been satisfied simply taking portraits of your children because you really never thought there was any other type of photography you could take with your camera and lenses. There are so many different types of photography out there just waiting for you to try. Here are several different types of photography to help you branch out as a photographer and get your creative juices flowing.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography encompasses so much more than professional images of clothing, accessories and beauty used simply for ads and magazines. Fashion photography has earned its own place among the blogging world as well. You may need to add a few key pieces of equipment to your photography ensemble to capture the dynamic fashion photography shots you’re looking for. A couple of 20-70mm zoom lenses, flashes and reflectors should do the trick.

The Main Types of Photography

Street Photography

If you’re searching for basically the exact opposite of fashion photography, street photography may be your answer! With street photography, there’s no posing, model prepping, or placing of props like you find with fashion photography. Street photography is simply more natural and less processed. Street photography is everyday life in public places captured in images. Most images of street photography are candid shots of ordinary people not even aware they’re being photographed. All you really need to carry with you down the street is a mirrorless or DSLR camera from and a fixed focus lens.

The Main Types of Photography

Landscape Photography

Although it would be a bonus for this type of photography, landscape photography doesn’t necessarily require you to travel the world to capture images of nature. As much as any photographer would love the excuse to travel to the highest peaks and tropical coastlines, you can capture picturesque landscape images of manmade objects and landscape images in your own neighborhood or town. You’ll want to invest in a waterproof or compact camera that’s easy to carry on treacherous hikes. A Nikon 24mm Full Frame Wide-Angle Lens from will be needed for capturing larger views of the landscape as well.

Macro Photography

Macro photography is where you take really close up shots of really small subjects. Most macro photography images consist of insects and flowers. But it’s easy to get creative when taking macro photography and branch out to water droplets, grains of sand, food, or pretty much anything with texture. It’s not 100% necessary, but it’s a good idea to invest in a good quality macro lens when taking macro photography. Look for a lens that has at least 1:2 magnification or more like the Sigma 18-300mm Macro Lens with 1:3 macro ratio. A lens with 1:1 magnification is ideal if you want as much flexibility as possible.

The Main Types of Photography

Food Photography

Food photography is a type of still life photography where you create mouth-watering photographs of food. These days, images taken of food photography aren’t just used for ads, cookbooks, magazines, and menus. Food photography has now taken social media by storm. With all of the elements found in food photography like color, texture, patterns and shapes, it’s easy to capture images that will make your viewer’s tummy rumble! Just make sure you have a tripod, a close up lens and some diffusers to help you achieve that mouth-watering status you’re looking for!

The Main Types of Photography

Choose to try all of these different types of photography to broaden your horizons as a photographer. Or maybe focus on perfecting just one particular type of photography and work towards obtaining a professional status.

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