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What Camera Accessories Do I Need?

What Camera Accessories Do I Need?

You’ve been photographing for a while now. Honing in on your skills, deciding your favorite photography genre. Wondering which camera accessories you need to buy next? With so much equipment available, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Here are some of the must-have camera accessories!

Prime Lens

If you’re still only using the standard kit lens that came with your first camera, chances are you’re ready to purchase more lenses from to expand your photography opportunities. Choosing your first additional camera lens can be a little confusing. A great lens to place at the top of your shopping list should be a fast prime lens. A prime lens has a fixed focal length. This might seem like it will limit your photography opportunities. However, the image quality you’ll get with a prime lens vs a zoom lens is much better. It will be easy to find a lens to fit your needs because prime lenses come in a wide range of focal lengths. A 24mm prime lens is perfect for landscape photography because it has a fairly wide angle. An 85mm prime lens is a great choice for portrait photography because it is more flattering on facial features. And for general, all-purpose photography, a 50mm prime lens is perfect because it will capture the scene as your eyes see it.

What Camera Accessories Do I Need

Polarizing Filter

Sometimes a scene you are photographing just needs a little boost. While you can spruce up some images during post-processing, it’s always better if you can capture the colors you’re looking for as you take the shot. One of the easiest ways to ensure you get the saturation of the colors you’re looking for is by using a

Memory Cards

Your new camera probably came with a memory card installed. However, it may have a limited capacity. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss your child make the winning last second shot in the big game because you didn’t have an extra memory card in your bag! Solve all of these problems by having additional memory cards from in your camera bag. The most common card format you’ll find on digital cameras is SD. You can choose to buy a larger 64GB card, or buy a couple of 32GB cards and spread your photos across the cards just in case you lose one.

What Camera Accessories Do I Need

Lens Bag

Since you’ve been photographing for a while now, you know how important it is to protect your camera by carrying it inside a camera bag. But what about your new lenses? Even if you have a camera bag with separate compartments, you have quite a bit of money invested in these new lenses. Provide them with some extra protection with water resistant lens bags.

What Camera Accessories Do I Need

These are some of the camera accessories you need when you’re ready to expand on your photography skills.

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