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What can Photographers Do During this Downtime?

What can Photographers Do During this Downtime?

Thanks to quarantine and event cancelations, many photographers are finding they have a lot of time on their hands! Sure, it’s tempting to spend the days cycling between Netflix and press conferences, but what if you could use this slow season to actually grow your photography business? This Coronavirus downtime is the perfect opportunity to learn some new skills, freshen up your photography portfolio, and contact potential clients. That new photo editing technique you’ve wanted to try but haven’t had time? Try it now! That online course you’ve wanted to take? Enroll today. Use these tips on how to maximize this slow season as a photographer.

What can Photographers Do During Downtime

Bolstering Your Portfolio with Personal Creative Projects

Just because you’re not able to get out to shoot events, doesn’t mean you can’t use this slow season to improve your photography portfolio with personal creative photography projects. In fact, this is the perfect way to spend your time if you’re just starting out as a freelance photographer. Devote time to working on a photography project that really interests you. Of course, it should be something you can do from home. Maybe you want to experiment with dramatic lighting, and choose to stage pet portraits of your family pets. Those images can then become part of your photography portfolio that shows how you work with extreme lighting conditions. These photography projects give you an opportunity to show your skills and your style as a photographer.

What can Photographers Do During Downtime

Photo Editing & Technical Skills

Even though Coronavirus prevents you from being able to get outside to photograph events, you can still hone your photo editing skills indoors on your computer monitor from As you know, being a good photo editor is nearly half of what it means to be a good photographer! Quarantine is the perfect time to practice color grading on photos you’ve already taken. Play around with the curves, levels and other color adjustments offered in your favorite photo editing software until you produce a perfectly colored photograph. Like color correction, photo retouching can be a difficult photo editing process to master. Especially in portraits, retouching skin while retaining the original texture can seem an impossible task. So, what better way to master an impossible task than to practice during this slow season?

What can Photographers Do During Downtime

Backup & Organize Your Photos

If you’re a professional photographer, chances are you already have a great system in place for this, but it never hurts to revisit it. Set up systems and a foolproof workflow to make sure all of your photography projects are backed up in a timely manner to eliminate loss of images in an emergency.

Use a Drone to Take Portraits

A resourceful way to continue taking portraits during this slow season and lockdown is to use your drone from to create photography projects of your neighbors and their families. The drone is a totally zero-human-contact way to capture your subjects posing in their windows, or on a balcony or front porch.

What can Photographers Do During Downtime

With a quarantine comes the gift of time to spend improving ourselves, and time to achieve what we’ve always wanted to but never had the time for. Make the most of your slow season by working on new photography projects, and remember that we’re all in this together.

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