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What Do You Need to Know About Photography?

What Do You Need to Know About Photography?

Have you been searching for the unattainable secret to great photography?. All you need to know in order to take awesome photos time and time again are a few fundamentals. Once you learn this short list inside and out, you’ll be shooting incredible photos consistently just like a professional photographer!

Know Your Camera

It might be tempting to just let your Sony Alpha 1 Full Frame Camera from do all the thinking for you by shooting in Aperture Priority mode. You’ll be missing out on some great creative opportunities. Knowing the essentials of how your camera works, like how changing the aperture will totally change the look of your image, will open up photography doors you never imagined before. Spend a few hours learning how to set your shutter speed to get the results you want when shooting fast-moving objects or photographing the night sky. Great photography is also determined by decisions made with your ISO. You need to learn the best ISO that will brighten or darken your photos. Learning more about ISO will also help you to be more flexible about your aperture and shutter speeds. Don’t forget to learn all you can about white balance, stabilization modes and of course focusing. Get the hang of these main features of your camera. Then you’ll be able to take your photography to the next level.

What You Need to Know About Photography

Study the Light

The one thing that can really take an image from just okay to exquisite is great lighting. There are endless light sources to use for your photography practice. Step outside with your camera bag from and shoot from sunrise to midnight. You will encounter just about every natural lighting scenario known to photographers in one day! Shoot during the golden hour, under the harsh midday sun, shoot silhouettes, and under the night sky. Rather practice your indoor lighting skills? Practice shooting near a window to use the natural light that shines through. Go beyond your popup flash and learn how to use an external flash. Buy some studio lights, reflectors and diffusers and create your own lighting kits. Now that screams professional photographer?

What You Need to Know About Photography

Learn About Perspective

Where you position yourself when taking a photo determines your perspective. Just minimally changing your perspective can have a drastic impact on how your viewers see your image. A simple movement from standing to crouching, or one step in either direction can have a major impact on the look of your photo. Add a position change along with a lens change to a wide-angle lens to capture a wider amount of the scene. Try switching to a telephoto lens while changing your perspective from standing at ground level to photographing from a mountaintop. That’s a change in perspective!

What You Need to Know About Photography

Practice and develop these fundamentals and you will step up your photography game in no time!

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