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What Does Every Photographer Need?

What Does Every Photographer Need?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer that’s been shooting for decades, or a newbie that has taken up photography as a new hobby. It’s a good idea to carry certain photography essentials with you at all times. When you’re prepared with all the gear you need, you won’t have to worry about missing that shot of a lifetime. Having all the photography essentials on hand also guarantees you’ll be prepared to take high quality images every time. Here’s a list of the essentials every photographer needs so you won’t be caught off guard.

Camera Bag

A camera bag will help keep your camera safe from rain and dust. Carrying your camera in a camera bag will protect it from those unfortunate mishaps. As you accumulate more lenses and other essential photography gear, a camera bag will make it much easier to transport all of your gear. Camera backpacks from are the perfect way to carry heavy gear over long distances or across uneven terrain. You may like the newest style of camera bag called a sling bag. You simply toss these handy bags over one shoulder and go. When deciding the type of bag that will work best, just consider what camera accessories you’ll be carrying and how you’ll use them.

What Every Photographer Needs

More Lenses

Your camera most likely came with a standard zoom lens with a focal length of around 18-55mm. Adding a telephoto lens for action photography will follow right behind. For your up close photography shots, the next essential piece of equipment you’ll need to add is a macro lens. Of course, you can’t leave out the all-important fast portrait lens for blurring backgrounds!

What Every Photographer Needs

Lens Hood

A simple lens hood is an invaluable camera accessory to carry along. This essential piece of photography gear will shade your lens to prevent flare.


Filters will give you the flexibility you need when dealing with difficult exposures and other challenges. Pack a Polarizing filter when you need help removing reflections, and to give your saturation or contrast a boost. ND filters will also help you blur water and clouds creating moody effects in your landscape images.

Lens Cleaners

You’ve spent a pretty penny on your camera and lenses. Now it’s important to keep your camera and accessories clean. A lens cleaning kit, like the one that comes in this camera bag bundle, will help you keep your camera, lenses and other photography essentials in tip-top condition.

Portable Hard Drive

If you’re in the habit of backing up your images to the Cloud, or just to your laptop, what happens when you’re out in the middle of nowhere without internet connection? It’s better to be prepared for the worst by carrying a portable external hard drive from to back up your images to prevent loss.


A tripod is useful in low light settings because it allows you to take longer-exposure shots without any camera shake. You’ll find a tripod, like the one in this camera bag bundle, is necessary if you take night sky photographs and night-time selfie shots.

What Every Photographer Needs

SD Memory Cards

You’re going to want to arm yourself with a variety of memory cards. Keep a handful of smaller SD cards in your camera bag at all times. For those big photoshoots, you’ll want some larger SD cards so you won’t have to keep changing out your cards. Carry these essentials in your camera bag, and you’ll be prepared to take quality images anytime!

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