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What Should a Beginner Photographer Shoot?

What Should a Beginner Photographer Shoot?

Are you beginning the new year with a new photography hobby? Did you unwrap an awesome new camera over the holidays but now you’re unsure where to start? No need to worry, here’s a list of several ideas to use and subjects to “focus” on as you venture out into the world of beginner photography!

Still Life

There really is no easier place to begin than by capturing a subject that doesn’t move! Shooting anything like holiday decorations, indoor plants, or dolls will allow you to experiment with a variety of camera settings and lighting techniques. You’ll want to use a lower ISO setting on your digital camera from You’ll also get in some needed practice with your post-processing skills later as you make improvements while editing.

What a Beginner Photographer Should Shoot


If you’ve taken your share of selfies, you’ve probably already experimented with the Bokeh technique. Take it up a notch by getting more creative with the Bokeh mode on your digital camera. All you need is a steaming hot beverage in cup. Position yourself close to the cup, and focus on the cup. The steam coming out of the cup will be blurred, creating the Bokeh effect you’re looking for.

Food Photography

All you need for this beginner photography subject is whatever you’re having for breakfast! Taking photos of food falls along the lines of shooting still life as far as how easy it can be. You will want to have good lighting conditions so every detail of the food shows up in the images. It’s best to shoot from above the food, or at a 45-degree angle while staying as close as possible to the subject.

What a Beginner Photographer Should Shoot

Macro Photography

Being a beginner photographer doesn’t mean you are limited to only shooting with your kit lens. There are still opportunities for you to step up your creative game by simply stepping into your backyard shooting macro photography. Using a macro lens like the Sony 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS Full-Frame E-Mount Macro Lens from will allow you to capture up-close images of tiny subjects like insects and flowers. You will need a steady hand for this creative form of photography, so grab your tripod.

What a Beginner Photographer Should Shoot


If you’re a beginner photographer looking to create some dramatic results with your mirrorless camera from, try shooting silhouettes. The best time of day for silhouette imagery is during sunset or sunrise. Simply place your subject between yourself and the sun. If your goal is capturing a brighter image, use a slower shutter speed. Using faster shutter speeds will create darker silhouette images.

What a Beginner Photographer Should Shoot


Taking self-portraits can be a real learning experience for a beginner photographer. Self-portraits will make you think about different poses, lighting techniques and camera settings you’ll be using when taking portrait photographs. Taking self-portraits will also give you practice with everything from incorporating different backgrounds and props into your future photos to practicing with a variety of camera gear and lenses. There’s no limit to the things you will find to photograph as a beginner photographer.

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