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What Should Every Photographer Have in Their Bag?

What Should Every Photographer Have in Their Bag?

You’re on the beach getting ready to shoot the most brilliant sunset you’ve ever seen. Or you’re at your favorite niece’s wedding ready to capture that once in a lifetime shot of her as she walks down the aisle. Whether you’re a beginning photographer, or a professional just trying to update your portfolio, there is nothing worse than missing the shot of a lifetime only because you are missing a single piece of equipment! We have a list of everything you should pack in your camera bag so you’ll be prepared when the perfect shot comes your way.

Back-Up Camera

Accidents happen. It’s always better to be over-prepared by having a plan B. Be prepared for mishaps like dropping your camera, water damage from an unexpected cloudburst, or someone with sticky fingers deciding to grab your DSLR for themselves. Even packing a simple point & shoot camera from is better than showing up to a photoshoot without a working camera at all!

What Every Photographer Should Have in Their Bag

Memory Cards

It’s important to have a few memory cards tucked away in your camera bag at all times. It’s so easy to lose track of the number of shots you take in a day. There’s nothing worse than being on location of a photoshoot and realizing your camera’s only memory card is completely full! You also don’t want to be miles from nowhere on your once in a lifetime vacation to Europe to realize the same. With a stash of memory cards that you’ve already formatted ahead of time in your bag ready to go, you’ll never miss a shot.

What Every Photographer Should Have in Their Bag

Extra Batteries

Just like extra memory cards, you don’t want to find yourself away from home or the studio without a backup power source. Keep extra batteries charged up and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Not just for your camera, but make sure you have extra batteries for your external flashes as well. Some cameras will also allow you to use a battery grip, like this Vivitar Replacement Battery Grip for Sony A7R II, A7 II, A7S II from, giving you twice the amount of battery life.

What Every Photographer Should Have in Their Bag


No matter how steady you think your hands might be when shooting, your camera can detect the tiniest movement. To avoid the risk of any camera shake, always carry a tripod with you. With such a large selection of sizes and portability of tripods, there’s really no excuse to not add a tripod to your camera bag. A tripod will help to ensure sharper images, especially when shooting in low light.

What Every Photographer Should Have in Their Bag

With all this gear packed and ready to go in your camera bag or backpack, you’ll never have to worry about missing that epic shot.

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