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What Should You Not Do in Photography?

What Should You Not Do in Photography?

When learning photography, there is a lot of trial and error along the way. It’s just part of learning how to take great photos. What if you could skip that process? Here are tips on how to avoid some mistakes as you are practicing your photography skills. These just may save you a lot of time and hair-pulling along your photography journey.

Don’t Overuse Auto Flash

You always hear that lighting is one of the most important elements to learn about in photography. This is true. Don’t let this tempt you to keep auto flash on at all times. You should not rely on auto flash for your main light source in photography. If you’re not careful, auto flash on your camera from can blow out details and make photos look unnatural. Use natural light whenever possible for overall better quality.

What not to do in photography

Don’t Shoot in Direct Sunlight

While on the subject of the all-important lighting, avoid direct sunlight as well. Direct sunlight causes a whole set of photography challenges. If you’re shooting portraits, direct sunlight can cause unwanted shadows or unflattering highlights on your subject’s face. Not to mention the unfavorable squinty-eye look that most people aren’t going for with their outdoor portraits. If you have no other choice but to shoot in direct sunlight, strategically place your subject facing away from the sun. Is the sun directly overhead? Use fill flash to avoid shadows. If possible, try to find a source of shade for the photo shoot to eliminate the harsh light all together.

What not to do in photography

Don’t Ignore Your Background

It’s so easy to focus on the subject of your photo so intently that you completely block out what is lingering in the background. Learn to look beyond your subject and don’t ignore your background. It may be possible to crop out some things you notice in post processing if they are off to the side of your subject. However, you can’t always edit a busy background, or a misplaced prop. It’s important to check out your background before, during and immediately after you take the photos. Check your photos on the viewfinder of your camera from before you end your photo shoot.

What not to do in photography

Don’t Miss the Details

When you see a wide open vista, it’s easy to start snapping away. It’s hard to resist trying to capture such a grand panoramic view. Always remember, it’s all in the details. Try zooming in with your Sony Wide-Angle Zoom Lens and capture some of the smaller details that help to make the bigger picture. Maybe it’s the single majestic tree that is standing alone among fallen timber. Capture the two coyote pups following their momma across the babbling creek while capturing the roaring falls in the background. Use your Canon Fixed Prime Macro DSLR Lens to capture the bees as they pollinate a field of wildflowers.

What not to do in photography

These are a few things you should not do in photography. Avoid these mistakes and start capturing some incredible photos. Now go start shooting!

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