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What to gift someone on their graduation?

What to gift someone on their graduation?

It’s hard to believe that your family member could be graduating this year from high school or college. So, how do we show our appreciation for all the hard work they put into their school year? By awarding them with one of the best graduation gifts you can offer. A perfect gift for the perfect new grad in your family. Getting a grad gift that fits the needs of either high school graduation gifts or a college graduation gift, will help further their learning experience, productivity, and have some fun with. You Don’t have to break the bank for some of the best graduation gift ideas. We have found that at times a practical gift that meets your budget can be something as simple as a gift card to a retailer of your choice like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Etsy and Nordstrom to name a few. That way your high school or college grad can chose something with that gift card that suits their individual needs.

Plus, if the individual you are shopping for is a post grad student, there are also great gifts that will be appropriate for a new job or moving to a new city like New York with items for their new apartment. Post grad gifts can really make a difference as your gift recipient embarks on the next chapter of their lives.

Let’s explore some great gift ideas which will show your deep appreciation to your new grad:


Graduation Gift Ideas

As we mentioned there are a lot of great gift ideas making the best high school graduation gifts and the best college graduation gifts. We have compiled ideas to help prepare you to get the perfect gift for your new grad.

Plan your child’s graduation party. You may want to set up a large Happy Graduation flag on your property with the logo of your gift recipients Alma Mater. Your new grad will love to keep that school spirit going.

Next, you want to identify your budget and what you are looking to spend on a great graduation gift. As we previously mentioned many great gifts as simple as a gift card from Walmart, Target, Etsy, Amazon and other retailers can still be thoughtful and exactly tailored to your budget.

If your family member or loved one is graduating from high school, and moving to a dorm setting or a new apartment for college, having a great tote set for their immense luggage needs is a perfect gift. Great luggage sets will feature stainless steel construction with a plethora of luggage sizes including carry on bags for flights. Try personalizing the luggage tag as well as an added bonus to a gift like this. Or if your shopping for a college graduate than a great work bag that can fit their laptops or tablets and has enough pouches for all of their work or post graduate school gear would be a nice travel related gift.

Another nice simple gift would be a gift box with a full tool kit. DIY home project individuals will love this as not only a thoughtful gift but also a practical gift. They can work on home and school projects to their hearts content.

Getting a unique graduation gift that features some uncommon goods is another way to go. If your loved one is post grad and heading to a new job wouldn’t a nice weighted blanket go well in their new apartment? As we all know starting a new job can be difficult so you want to ensure that you are able to get a good nights sleep and weighted blankets are a great way to assist with that.

What about having a great pair of bluetooth noise canceling headphones like a pair of Apple Air Pods or even a new smartphone. These are great for real world usage and will allow your high school graduate to focus on their studies thanks to it’s noise cancelling abilities. Make sure that you have the proper charger to enable fast charging.

Even though a high end gift like this could cater to family members and close friends, you don’t have to break the bank on a good graduation gift. For example you can get a gift box set for your graduate that could include a personalized tumbler in a glass wear set. A great gift set for your college grads new apartment. This plus a great water bottle to hydrate for their workouts while at or away from home, make a very practical gift for your family members dorm room or new apartment.

You could look at gadgets like a great coffee maker, so your new grad can have a delicious wake up cup of coffee as they get ready to spend the day hard at work at their new job.

Try and look back at previous gifts that you may have given to your gift recipient over the holidays and you may want to get something along the lines of that gift, if the graduate you are shopping for loved it.

If the individual you are looking for a graduation gift for is a college grad, a nice gift would be a personalized monogram card case for carrying to give out at their new job. A nice keepsake for any graduate with real world use. You roommates (if applicable) will be jealous of your beautiful new card case as they are also looking for items to help them with their new jobs as well.

There are many trending gifts that make for great graduation gifts for him or graduation gifts for her. We have compiled a list of our top picks which can cater to both.



Now that we have established a baseline of some good gift ideas, we would like to review with you some of our top picks for what can make for one of the best graduation gifts.

One of the first unique gifts we would like to explore is the DJI Mini 2 SE Foldable Drone Video Quadcopter. This a great drone and would make a wonderful fun gift but also practical, if the gift is someone in a photography path well, as this drone is perfect for capturing city skylines. Some of the other features of this drone are:

  • An extremely lightweight and portable drone at just under 249 grams. So feel free to take this wonderful drone on some great long springtime photoshoots.

  • You get a good amount of photography time with up to 31 minutes of flight time on a fully charged battery. Plenty of time to get those great shots to impress a professor at college.

  • With a 10 km transmission rate for FHD videos, and a power 12MP camera powered by it’s CMOS sensor this a great gadget. Attach this to the DJI FLY app for even more control and post production editing, not to mention sharing your stills and videos on your social media site of choice. This app offers controls, manuals, firmware information and other important things that will help you in your drone photography.

  • With active obstacle sensing which is tri-directional offers safety features that give you as the drone pilot peace of mind with this fantastic safety feature.

  • A dual memory card slot which supports cards UHS-I or above with storage capacity of up to 128 GB so you get some amazing storage. We always recommend getting a spare memory card for those long usage sessions.

    DJI Mini 2 SE

The next gift item we is the Deco Home 220W Wet/Dry All-in-One Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner with Charge Dock, Cordless. This is the perfect gift for your new grad to help ensure that they keep a clean dorm room or new apartment. Your child’s roommates will also love this as they can chip in and help out with the cleaning thanks to the ease of use of this Vacuum. With three cleaning modes for hardwood flooring, and its self-cleaning mode, this would be a hard gift to pass up. When placed in the charging dock, it can be set to automatically clean the roller brush, ensuring optimal performance for every cleaning session. So as mentioned you don’t have to be constantly changing brushes so have your roommates not be lazy and help out with cleaning. Included with this vacuum are a spare roller brush, water tank scrubber, hair/string removal tool, and air filter. Add that to the approximate 30 to 40 minutes of runtime between charges, depending on the usage mode and you have a full gift set for all practical purposes.

Vacuum Cleaner

A great tech gift for post grads and even high school graduates is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 13.5" Intel i5, 8GB/512GB Touch. Besides for being a great productivity tool, it is also extremely portable making it great for grad students running to and from classes. Let’s look deeper art this very powerful and practical gift.

  • The small but gorgeous display on the 13.5” PixelSense touchscreen for ultra-portable productivity. You can hop on and use your Microsoft 365 apps with ease.

  • With the latest 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processor you get amazing cinematic quality of the theater with both Dolby Vision (the pinnacle of HDR) and Dolby Atmos for a spatial surround sound experience. This will work great for either current college students and even in their post grad careers. Some High School will administer their own laptops or tablets for school use but this would make a great high school graduation gift as well.

  • With up to 18 hours of battery life power, this laptop can be used virtually all day without a charge when used without high intensity tasks which may drain the battery a bit faster.

  • Log in with the ease of Windows Hello and the laptop’s camera will take a photo of you to use to log in and access the computer. Another great layer of security which should add to your peace of mind in keeping your personal information private, especially in a dorm environment.

  • With 8 GB of onboard RAM, this laptop is ready to handle multiple windows open at the same time and multiple productivity tasks as well.

  • The laptop comes with a removable 512 GB SSD or Solid State Drive which is great for booting the laptop and a decent amount of storage. Options with more storage are available. In addition you can utilize your Microsoft 365 subscription to store your items in the cloud with Microsoft OneDrive which comes with a standard 1 TB of cloud storage.

What better way to pair a new laptop than with a great monitor to with it to enhance productivity. Introducing the Deco Gear 39" Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor. Not only is this great to pair with a laptop for productivity but it also is great for gaming and let’s be honest, we all know your high school graduate away at college will love to be able to play their favorite games. As this is a curved monitor you get a very immersive and comfortable viewing experience with it’s 3000R curve radius. So fret not about those all night studying sessions. The blazing 165 Hz refresh rate will have your grad playing the most fast paced and action games with more ease giving them a one up on the competition. There is also AdaptiveSync included to help with gaming as this technology should also assist with potential screen tearing.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to show the immense appreciation and pride to your loved one on their graduation with a great graduation gift. Whether you are looking for the best high school graduation gifts or college graduation gifts or even post grad, if you follow our gift ideas with one or more of the actual gift recommendations, you can find the perfect gift for such an auspicious occasion.

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