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What to Pack for Memorial Day Weekend

What to Pack for Memorial Day Weekend

The unofficial start of summer is just around the corner. Memorial Day weekend will be the first get together of the year for many people. You want to make sure you pack everything you need to record these memories of friends and family. Here is all the photography gear you need to pack to capture all of the fun this Memorial Day weekend! Camera Body Of course the most important item on your Memorial Day weekend packing list is your camera. The extreme portability of the Nikon D3500 makes it the ideal DSLR to take along on your Memorial Day weekend travels. You won’t be fumbling around searching for buttons like the flash button. All of the buttons on the D3500 are well-positioned within easy reach. Don’t worry about missing a shot. You’ll be able to capture 1550 shots on a single battery charge. The lighter weight of a mirrorless camera like the Sony a6400 Mirrorless APS-C Interchangeable Lens Camera Body from is great when shooting on the go. This compact mirrorless camera is well equipped with real-time tracking AF abilities and focus times. If Mother Nature decides to rain on your Memorial Day weekend plans, the a6400’s weather-sealed body will be a welcomed feature as well. Tripod An essential piece of photography equipment you must pack for Memorial Day weekend is a tripod. A tripod is necessary when taking long exposures to ensure quality photos. If you plan to include yourself in any of these Memorial Day weekend photos, you’ll need to mount your camera on the tripod and trigger the shutter with a remote. Filters This Memorial Day weekend get-together is the perfect time to practice your creativity. Make sure you pack your polarizing and neutral density filters to give yourself several artistic options. The filters will help bring out the colors of the sky, swimming pool, or ocean in your Memorial Day weekend images. Memory Cards The worst thing that could happen during this Memorial Day weekend is that you go to take that epic shot of all 5 generations of the family, and your memory card is full! You can’t pack too many memory cards from for your Memorial Day weekend. Camera Bag The last thing on your Memorial Day weekend photography packing list should be something to carry all of this essential gear. You’ll want a camera bag or backpack large enough to hold your cameras, lenses, filters, extra memory cards and your tripod. You don’t want to be searching through multiple bags once all of the fun begins. If all of your gear isn’t handy, within reach, chances are you will miss some once-in-a-lifetime shots. Deco Photo Camera/Drone Sling Backpack You’ll be ready to capture all the fun of Memorial Day weekend if you remember to pack all of these essential photography items.
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