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What to Pack: Travel Photography Must Haves

Summer is only a few weeks away, and vacation planning has begun for most of us. You want to make sure you have beautiful pictures to help you tell the stories of your adventures while traveling abroad.  There’s nothing worse than traveling thousands of miles from home to find that you won’t be able to capture those memories because you have forgotten a vital piece of your camera equipment. Below is a list of the most essential photography accessories you should pack for your travels.   Airline-Friendly Bag- Always take your camera as carry-on luggage.  If you are traveling with a few lenses, you will need something fairly sizeable such as a backpack or shoulder sling bag from product-image

Tamrac Velocity 8z Pro Photo Sling Pack from

Memory Cards- Memory cards come in a variety of sizes, but it would be a good idea to take several smaller cards and keep them in a card case.  Carry a few with you so you are prepared, and leave the rest behind so you have extras if you lose the case. Card Reader- If your camera doesn’t have Wi-Fi capabilities, or you’re missing the USB cable, you may want to bring along a card reader.  A USB card reader from is good to have because it is more universal standard than other types and it allows you to connect to almost any kind of computer.

lexar Lexar Multi-Card 25-in-1 USB 3.0 Reader from

Batteries/Charging Cord- If your camera comes with a rechargeable battery, you’ll want to make sure you pack the adapter and recharge it daily.  If your camera takes batteries, it’s important to have an idea of how many shots you normally get by with on a set of batteries, and pack accordingly. International Plug Adaptor- If traveling abroad, do a little research ahead of time on what power sources your destination has and what type of adapter plugs you’ll need so you can charge your camera batteries, plug in your laptop and phone anywhere from Australia to New Zealand. Netbook or Laptop- These are perfect for backing up your pictures on the move and for uploading to websites and social media. They are nice to use for reviewing your shots on a larger screen as you go as well. Hard Drive- Portable external backup drives like the one featured below from are the perfect way to backup your images as you go. A7D5A27DDF864877BE1AA6298FFE2872

G-Tech 1TB G-Drive Mobile USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive available at

Power Strips- Believe it or not, there are hotel rooms with only one power socket in this world.  With a power strip, you can charge 5 or 6 devices at the same time.  Make sure you get one rated to take up to 240v. USB Charger- Getting a 40W, 5-port charger with a power cord attached will allow you to charge your phone, iPod, iPad, Kindle and GoPro at the same time without fear of leaving one plugged into an inconspicuous plug hidden under a table or bed. Cleaning Gear- Lens cloths for dust, sand and dirt on your lenses are crucial items for your packing list.  A rocket blower and Butterfly Brush are handy tools too. Tripod- Travel tripods are a must for capturing sharp shots in low light at dawn, dusk and after dark.  You wouldn’t want to miss that perfect sunset over Venice!


This Vidpro Flexible Mini Table-top Tripod from fits right in your pocket

Lens- Travel light and still capture all of those great shots without having to constantly change lenses by taking an all-in-one super zoom lens. Insurance- You should always have your photography gear insured.  Make sure whatever policy you have covers you for your intended destination. Packing your camera bag is a personal preference.  Just remember to pack as light as possible while being as prepared as you can.  Travel photography can be your passport to new adventures and discoveries so pack up your gear and get on your way!

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