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What’s in Your Photography Bag?

What’s in Your Photography Bag?

Photography is all about the art of creating images, but without the right gear you might miss that decisive moment or fail to capture it all. Depending on what you like to photograph, you’ll need different types of equipment. It’s important to understand the kinds of photos you take, and what effect that has on what you’ll carry. Although you’ll rarely use it all at once, these items should almost always be in your camera bag. Don’t pack light!

Photography Bag

The Bag

Your camera bag from serves as a portable storage locker. It should have everything you need for a particular shoot. What you pack depends on the size of your bag. Take small bags when your goals are limited and precise. Take a medium bag when you want more flexibility. Carry a large bag when you need to keep all your options open. Make a habit of packing your bag consistently. In other words, pack the same things in the same places every time. Being consistent makes it easier to find and grab what you’re looking for.

Photography Bag

Main Camera and Lenses

Make sure to pack your camera body. Pack it with a fresh, recently formatted memory card and fully charged batteries. If going on a long trip, take those items out of the camera and pack them separately. Packing another body lets you instantly switch lenses. For example, put a telephoto lens on one body and a standard zoom lens on the other. You’re able to switch lenses by switching cameras. Pack all your favorite lenses and decide which one you want to use on location. Pack a GoPro Hero if you need a good video camera! Have it mounted so that it can go on top of all your cameras with ease. This gives a really cool POV shot.

Photography Bag


Pack all the filters you can fit in your bag. You might want to add a range of ND and ND grad filters, more black-and-white filters, different color filters, and more special effects options.

External Flash

You should be able to squeeze in an external flash. If things are too tight, you might not be able to carry that second lens.

Flash Diffuser

If you plan on using your camera’s pop-up flash, it’s nice to have a diffuser.


Not a big fan of on-camera flash? Remotes are generally very small. You should have no trouble packing one in a small bag.

Rain Cover

Pack one or more rain covers and other protective gear for your camera and flash.


A compact tripod is considered by many as a must have photography accessory. Especially when slow shutter speeds or powerful telephoto or macro lenses are involved.

Photography Bag

Remember, everyone’s bag is going to be different. But if you keep these essential items packed in your Camera Bag from at all times, you’ll be ready to go when inspiration strikes!

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