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Get a $500 Trade-In Bonus towards Panasonic LUMIX G9II Camera

Terms and Conditions:

  • Panasonic may offer a discount to consumers who trade in one working condition digital or film camera to purchase one of the eligible camera models on the trade in program announcement.
  • The trade in discount amount is not a cash equivalent, and may not be redeemed for cash and is available only to purchase eligible new Panasonic cameras at time of trade in.
  • At no time may this discount be advertised in a manner that would reflect a price lower than MAP. End consumer can combine this trade in offer with the trade in value of their used working equipment to increase their combined savings. Non working equipment traded in are not eligible for trade in discount
  • The discount to the customer is forfeited if the new model redeemed for a trade in discount is returned for any reason or cause whatsoever.
  • The trade in/used product must be surrendered at time of trade in (for ecommerce, physical receipt by the dealer or notification from carrier is considered an act of surrender)
  • Bonus credit cannot be offered until the trade in item has been physically received by the dealer or for ecommerce, notification from a carrier has been received.
  • By participating in this program, the dealer agrees to provide Panasonic with proof of trade in by providing the serial number(s), model name(s) of the trade in item(s), and subsequent purchased Panasonic item(s).
  • Any failure to meet these requirements may result in rejection of trailing credit claims. Panasonic reserves the right to audit records related to this promotion and sales activity.
  • Term: 02/04 03/02/2024