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Acer Predator Forest Battle XXL Mousepad PMP831/NP.MSP11.00B - Crafted to meet the standards of professional gamers, the Predator Gaming Mousepad was built to surprise you in all the right ways. Sized for even the most hardcore player, every element of the pad was developed to give the best gaming experience possible. Acer's Predator XXL Mousepad provides extra room to move and groove. With just over 3 feet of mouse pad, there's plenty of room for game play. Also, Aegis technology provides longer lasting protection for a cleaner, more reliable surface. Designed in collaboration with pro-gamers, Predator Mousepad is a highly-responsive surface that delivers precise mouse tracking. The speed-optimized surface minimizes the feel of friction making it one of the fastest surfaces on the market. Oil, water and heat resistances keep your mousepad safe from the horrors of spills at temps under 180 C and allow your to wash it off when needed. A heavy, no-slip silicone base with heat-bound edging prevents fraying under long-term use.