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    Deco Gear Medium Sized Pro Gaming Mouse Pad Water Resistant Non-Slip (11" x 14")

    Deco Gear

    Deco Gear Medium Sized Pro Gaming Mouse Pad Deco Gear's Water Resistant Gaming Mouse Pad has a non-slip rubber back to firmly grip surfaces, durabl...

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    $24.99 - $24.99
    Current price $24.99


Gyration Air Mouse GO Plus - Enabling handheld control of computer applications, the Air Mouse GO Plus is a natural addition to todays boardrooms and company meeting rooms. On the table, it's a highly accurate laser mouse. Then, with the press of a button, GO Plus transforms into a gesture-controlled Air Mouse for interactive command of presentations, multimedia, video conferencing and Internet applications. Enables interactive control of presentations. Wireless range is up to 30 meters. Available with Low Profile and Compact Wireless Keyboard. Features replaceable rechargeable battery.As educational instruction moves off of the desktop, the Gyration Air Mouse frees the teacher to move with it transforming seamlessly from a desktop mouse into a handheld pointing device that enables classroom mobility and an interactive teaching style with just the wave of a hand. Enhanced instructor mobility and interactivity. More effective use of flatscreen displays, projectors and electronic whiteboards. Greater lesson impact and retention. Higher student test scores.To enable real-time dental in chair patient consultation, the Gyration Air Mouse transforms from a desktop mouse into a handheld pointing device for digital x-ray reviews and interactive treatment planning. Interactivity in the operatory increases patient education, satisfaction and referrals. Real-time patient education. Interactive patient education. Patient involvement in treatment planning and reviews. Increased customer satisfaction. More new patient referrals.Supplied exclusively by Gyration, enables customization of Air Mouse buttons and hand gestures, plus an extensive library of presentation tools and screen effects, including slide queuing, highlighting, annotation and zoom, media player controls, Internet navigation and more. Faster effects processing. Support for Retina Display screen resolutions. Requires (64-bit) Windows & OS X. Free Upgrade to MotionTools 3.