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Deco Essentials Mini 4 Pro Wide Angle Lens

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$49.95 - $49.95
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Item Description
  • Attachable, convenient lens
  • Lightweight design, no unnecessary bulk
  • Expand your field of view
  • Immersive and comprehensive aerial viewing experience
  • Capture every detail in stunning clarity
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    Elevate your photography game with the Mini 4 Pro Wide Angle Lens, unlocking a world of possibilities with its expanded field of view. Perfect for capturing breathtaking landscapes or wide-angle shots, this lens ensures every detail is preserved in stunning clarity. Designed to enhance your photography experience, it seamlessly integrates with your Mini 4 Pro for effortless shooting sessions. Thanks to its lightweight design and hassle-free installation process, you can take your creativity on the go without added bulk. Embrace the freedom to capture striking images wherever inspiration takes you with the Mini 4 Pro Wide Angle Lens.

    Product Features:

    Enhanced Field of View

    Expand your DJI Mini 4 Pro drone's perspective with a wide-angle lens attachment, ideal for capturing vast landscapes and immersive wide-angle shots.

    Crystal Clear Imagery

    Preserve every detail with stunning clarity, ensuring your photos are sharp and vibrant even in expansive scenes.

    Seamless Integration

    Designed to effortlessly integrate with your Mini 4 Pro drone, enhancing your photography experience without compromising flight performance.

    Lightweight and Compact

    Enjoy the freedom of creativity without extra bulk, thanks to its lightweight design and easy installation process.

    On-the-Go Photography

    Take your drone photography to new heights with hassle-free setup, allowing you to capture striking images wherever your adventures lead.

    Professional-Grade Results

    Elevate your aerial photography game with professional-grade optics that bring out the best in your Mini 4 Pro's camera capabilities.


    Box Includes

    • Wide Angle Lens