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Deco Gear 12pcs Replenishment Vacuum Accessories for 675 690 Series Kit

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High effeciency for reducing dust, pollen and other allergens. Also removes dust and pet hair easily.

Regulary replacing Roomba's flexible beater brush & bristle brush maintain Roomba's cleaning performance and reduce battery drain.

Replacing filter maintain roomba's cleaning performance while reducing infiltration of dust, pollen and other allergens.

The innovative Side brush for iRobot Roomba Robots reaches deep into corners and edges to remove more dirt, dust and debris.Easy to install and durable, keeping your home clean with iRobot roomba vacuum cleaners.

Compatible with: iRobot Roomba 600 Series (620 630 650 660 675 680 690) 

Box Includes

  • 4x High-Efficiency Filters
  • 4x Replacement Extractors & Brushes
  • 4x Side brushes