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Deco Gear Universal 12" Silicone Rubber Turntable Platter Mat

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Item Description
  • Upgrade or replace any existing felt/OEM turntable platter mat
  • Dampen excess vibrations from motor or exterior source
  • Mat features non-slip grooves and label recess
  • Designed to RIAA specifications, improve playback quality
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    Audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts looking to enhance their sound experience need look no further than the Deco Gear's Universal 12" Rubber Silicone Turntable Platter Mat.

    The simplest of upgrades, our platter mat is designed to RIAA specifications and incorporates non-slip groves and a label recess to ensure records stay flat for optimal playback.

    Typically, the supplied mat is oftentimes a lower priority when it comes to design and product development – for many entry-level and mid-tier models, the poor quality mat negates what would be an otherwise good sound quality. This can manifest into a muddled blur in comparison to the expected sharp clarity.

    Thankfully, replacing the mat is one of the easiest steps to take when upgrading your turntable. The Deco Gear Universal Mat will allow your turntable to do its job as it should and help dampen any excess vibrations from the motor or from an exterior source, such as footsteps, noise from electrical appliances, or frequencies from radio, cell phone, or WiFi.

    The rubber mat confidently grips your vinyl and allows for zero slippage during playback. Black in color, it will fit in with any style or décor and will instantly upgrade any existing Felt/OEM platter mat. If you’re looking for a sound investment in your vinyl setup, the Deco gear Universal 12” Rubber Silicone Turntable Platter Mat is the next easy addition.