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Deco Pet Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove

Condition: New
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Original price $19.99
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Item Description
  • Easily remove shedding hair and dander from your pet
  • Rubber palm allows for easy hair removal
  • Durable construction, but still gentle on your pets
  • Oversized glove increases coverage and fits most hands
  • Open mesh backing improves airflow
  • Overview

    Deco Pet’s Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove is the perfect way to keep your furry family member’s coat looking clean and healthy. Great for both cats and dogs, the pet grooming glove features a solid construction that combines a rubber palm and a mesh backing for improved airflow to your hand. Detangle long hair or remove unwanted excess from short fur – no matter the length, your pet will love the soothing feeling and you’ll love their newly groomed coat.

    Brushing with wire or metal brushes can be more time consuming and painful. Our glove features rubber teeth that have rounded smooth ends. These teeth, combined with the naturally occurring static generated by simply combing your pet, grab commonly found loose hair, dirt, and dander. Every swipe not only removes excess hair and brushes the coat, your pet will love the feeling and quality time as well.

    Whether your pet has long hair, short fur, or not much hair at all, give your pet the grooming and bonding experience they deserve with our effective and easy to use Deshedding Pet Grooming Glove – it’ll feel less like a chore and more like playtime for you and your pet.