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DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo

by DJI
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Item Description
  • 20-Meter Subject Focusing
  • 76,800 Ranging Points
  • Built-in Camera
  • Enhanced AI Recognition Algorithms
  • AMF Mode
  • Human-Machine Collaborative Focus Control FIZ Lens Control
  • Magnetic Damping Tactile Feedback LiDAR Waveform
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    DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo

    Accurate, Long-Range Focusing  

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    DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo

    Accurate, Long-Range Focusing  

    With a 20-meter max subject focusing range and 76,800 ranging points from the LiDAR unit, tracking and focus are ultra-reliable even from extended ranges. 


    Advanced AI Recognition  

    A built-in camera combined with enhanced AI recognition algorithms results in more reliable human and vehicle subject recognition and tracking. 


    Human-Machine Collaborative Focus Control  

    AMF mode enables a seamless hybrid experience that combines the precision of autofocus with the intuitions and creativity of the operator. 


    FIZ Lens Control  

    Focus, iris, and zoom can all be controlled with extreme precision on set. Magnetic damping tactile feedback provides a real-time feel for focus changes. 


    LiDAR Waveform  

    Top-down focus assistance view gives operators a comprehensive real-time display of focus range and information in order to facilitate expert-level focusing precision. 


    Compatibility With DJI PRO Ecosystem  

    DJI Focus Pro integrates seamlessly with other DJI PRO products like Ronin 4D and Inspire 3, offering even more creative shooting options. 



    the LiDAR, Grip, Motor, and Carrying Case. When paired with the LiDAR and Motor, the Grip offers an efficient autofocus and creative experience for solo cinematographers. 





    DJI RS 3, RS 4, DJI RS 3 Pro, RS 4 Pro, DJI Ronin 4D Flex, DJI Focus Pro Grip, Focus Pro Hand Unit 

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