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Eptone All in one Leather stand for Ultra Book, MacBook Air, iPad, SlatePC, 9.7" Tablet

by Eptone
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DESCRIPTION - All in one Leather stand for Ultra Book (11" - 13"), MacBook Air, iPad, Slate PC, 9.7” Tablet and over.

-        Leather - The aluminum body will not be damaged at all if you put it in a bag with ultra book because it is made from soft leather. It also has pockets structure inside so you can put business cards, USB memory sticks etc. can be stored.

-         Optimized design height 1.8” - The eye level of the monitor has been implemented in the most comfortable height without straining your wrist because the optimized design structure for the role of stand is applied.

-         Front strap - The front strap is adjustable, so it can be used as a stand for 11 inch Ultrabook and 9 inch tablet.