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General Brand Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Receiver And Transmitter 2 In 1 (SK-BTI-025)

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Item Description
  • Perfect Sync Between Sound and Image
  • Designed for TV Use, Low Latency aptx Eliminates Perceptible Delay Between Sound and Video.
  • Bluetooth Version 4.1 Means Pairing is Simple, and Reconnection as Easy as Switching Your Headphones
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    This Bluetooth transmitter and Receiver supports 2 devices working simultaneously. When used as a Bluetooth transmitter, it can connect your phone, Walkman, television, computer etc., these devices transmit music on the transmission to your Bluetooth receiver, stereo Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker wirelessly. When you use it as a Bluetooth receiver, it can be used as a stereo Bluetooth headset, or an audio signal connection complete with speakers and other wireless transmission equipment.

    Enjoy Perfect Sync Between Sound and Image -- Unlike other bluetooth transmitters, SK-BTI-025 is designed for TV use, low latency aptx eliminates perceptible delay between sound and video. Bluetooth audio transmitter and receiver 2-in-1

    Straightforward and Simple to Connect and Play -- Bluetooth version 4.1 means pairing is swift and simple, and reconnection as easy as switching your headphones back on

    Add Bluetooth headphones to Nonbluetooth TV -- Connect to almost any TV (or any other source) using standard 3.5mm audio cable

     APT-X Low Latency -- Unlike regular bluetooth adapter, BTI-025 uses aptx low latency technology. This gives you unparalleled, lossless, hifi sound quality and zero perceptible lag between the video on screen and audio in your ears.

    BTI-025 Bluetooth Transmitter Mode -- Sends stereo sound from your TV to two pairs of headphones at the same time. Perfect for when you want to sit back, relax and enjoy the shows in the evening, without waking the kids. Just connect it to your TV via pairing with the bluetooth headphone, and it can transmit audio wirelessly to yours and your partners headphone at the same time.

    Box Includes

    • Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Receiver and Transmitter 2 In 1
    • Documentation