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Hanover 34.6 Electric Carbon Lamp with Three Heat Levels and Remote Control

by Hanover
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34.6 Wide Electric Carbon Infrared Heat Lamp with Remote Control Black


When choosing an outdoor heating system or garage heater consider Hanover's line of electric infrared heaters. Hanover's 34.6 wide carbon infrared heat lamp is the ideal choice for hanging from the ceiling or mounting to a wall. Use for your patio porch balcony garage workshop and more! It features three heat settings operated by a handy remote control. Similar to sunshine infrared heat is a radiant heat that warms a person or an object directly rather than heating the air in-between. Carbon infrared heat is a soft radiant heat that warms the skin efficiently. Infrared heat can be felt instantly as soon as you turn it on – no waiting for it to “warm up”. In addition an outdoor infrared heater saves energy by using less power to create the same amount of heat as traditional gas heaters and there is no smoke or fumes. Extend the use of your outdoor living space with a Hanover mountable infrared heater.