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Leg Master Total Body Workout System Leg Master Slim - Black F13651 012000

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  • Quick and Easy To Use
  • Anytime and Anywhere
  • Total Body Workout
  • Helps Maintain Balance, Stability, and Mobility
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    The Leg Master's lateral movement particularly targets the inner thighs, the outer glutes and all the core abdominal muscles, including the pelvic floor helping to ease symptoms of incontinence. The Leg Master can be used anytime and anywhere and works for any age. The secret is in the 9-degree slope combined with the lateral gliding motion that uses gravity and your own body weight to target your inner and outer thighs buttocks, abs, hips and core muscles.

    Just 60 seconds a day help the muscles used most in everyday life. No more going to intimidating gyms, the Leg Master is a total-body workout machine that helps maintain balance, stability, and mobility.

    Key Feaures:

    • Works to help the muscles used most in everyday life
    • Activates the muscles of the pelvic floor to help relieve symptoms of incontinence
    • Helps maintain balance, stability and mobility as you age
    • Quick and easy to use and store in your home
    • Plus, everybody can use it!

    Anytime and Anywhere
    The Leg Master is small, lightweight and is easy to fit anywhere in your home.

    Works For Any Age
    Perfectly designed to help build strength and stability for anyone young or old, the Leg Master will help keep you stable and strong so you can live the life you want. You can even do it sitting down!

    Feel It Working Quickly
    All it takes is 60 seconds done a few times a day and you'll feel the muscles working. Fit in these short burst workouts whenever you can throughout the day.


    Box Includes

    • Leg Master Home Workout Machine with Flex Handles