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10.1 Digital Photo Frame. Bring all of your beloved family photos into one frame with 10.1" Digital Photo Frame (NF1000). No need to worry about cluttered pictures and photo frames. The NF1000 displays up to 32MB worth of family photos, via SD/SDHC memory card or USB memory stick, and supports JPEG format in just a single frame. Just craft a slideshow of your favorite photos of your loved ones through the highresolution 10.1" LCD screen. The NF900 also comes equipped with a clock and various calendar modes, adding additional convenience and usage to the sentimental quality of picture frames. A 10.1" LCD screen to display your favorite photos from memory cards or USB memory sticks. 10.1" TFT LCD Display with LED backlight (1024 x 600) 32 MB builtin memory to store several of your favorite photos. Displays digital JPEG files. Supports SD/SDHC memory cards and USB flash drives. Slideshow, clock, and calendar modes. Power: AC 100240V (DC 5V, 1A)Accessories included: AC power adapter, stand.