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Conventional photography is an impossibility without light. When there is insufficient or unsuitable light available to take a picture, it becomes essential to have a ready source of supplementary light to fulfill the need. The 952AF series flash units provide large quantities of light under the complete control of the photographer and his camera (Canon, Nikon, Olympus or Pentax).  Each is custom-designed and manufactured to compliment the capabilities of the camera for which it is intended.

    528AF/NIK - TTL Auto Focus For Digital & SLR Cameras

    Auto Focus / TTL Metering
    Red-eye reduction
    Focus Beam To Assist Low Light Conditions
    Guide number 22m
    Flash readiness indication in viewfinder
    Automatic Shutter Speed Setting
    Power Saving Function

    Compatible with: Pentax Digital SLR : istD, istDL, istDS, istDS2 and similar Samsung Digital SLR : GX-1L, GX-1S and similar

Box Includes

  • 528AF TTL Flash for Pentax
  • 1 Year Warranty