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Vivitar Filter Kit (CPL+ND4+ND8) For Mavic Air, A Lightweight Foldable Drone

by Vivitar
Condition: New
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Original price $19.95
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Item Description
  • Polarizing Filter
  • ND4 2-Stop Filter
  • ND8 3-Stop Filter
  • Glass Construction
  • NDs Cut Light for Reduced Shutter Speed
  • Polarizer Reduces Glare/Boosts Contrast
  • Includes Carry Pouch
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    Improve your DJI Mavic Pro's photography and videography with this Filter Kit from Digital Concepts. This kit features three glass filters: a 2-stop neutral density filter, a 3-stop neutral density filter, and a polarizing filter. The ND filters reduce light reaching the lens to achieve lower shutter speeds, while the polarizer helps reduce glare and enhance image contrast. A carry pouch is included.

    Polarizing Filter
    The polarizer filter helps to reduce glare and improve color saturation. When filming from a quadcopter, a large amount of light is reflected back up towards the camera. The polarizer reduces the amount of glare bouncing off the ground.
    ND Filters
    The ND filters reduce light hitting the sensor, which slows down the camera's shutter speed. This creates a more natural looking motion blur that smoothes out footage and helps reduce the appearance of "jello" effects from the camera's rolling shutter. They can also be used for reducing lens flare while shooting into the sun and for toning down highlights while filming outdoors. The following ND filters are included:
    ND4: This ND cuts light by 2 stops
    ND8: This ND cuts light by 4 stops
    If there is only one accessory you will purchase for the lens of your camera or camcorder, this should be the one.
    • A UV filter serves to protect your lens from all dust, dirt, scratches and fingerprints.
    • It also absorbs the Ultraviolet rays of the sun thereby reducing or eliminating distortion.
    • Digital Concepts filters are manufactured from the finest solid optical glass, and are heat treated and multi-coated to ensure optimum picture quality.

    Box Includes

    • Digital Concepts filter Kit for DJI Mavic Pro (Set of 3)
    • Polarizing Filter
    • ND4 2-Stop Filter
    • ND8-3 Stop Filter
    • Carry Pouch
    • Limited 2 Year Warranty