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Photo Tips for Scary Good Images this Season

Photo Tips for Scary Good Images this Season

Halloween is the best time to practice your creative photography skills. Here are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve for some scary good images.

Create Creepy Images Using Side Light
Light can be very powerful when trying to convey a certain mood in your photos. Create a dramatic atmosphere by using the natural light provided by your window. Turn your subject so he or she is parallel to the window to utilize the spooky effect side light will give to your image. Take the photo using the monochrome picture control on your Nikon DSLR from, or simply edit your scary image during post-processing to further emphasize the creepy factor.

Photo Tips

Use a Wide Aperture
Trying to capture some of your scary images on the crowded streets during trick-or-treat? It can be easy to lose your subject in a sea of costumes. Try shooting at f/2 with your camera lens from to hide a crowd of trick-or-treaters or Halloween partiers.

Create Ghostly Silhouettes
All you need to create this scary image is a bright light and some thin, lightweight material. Hang the material directly in front of your subject. You can even allow the material to touch the face of your subject making their face more visible through the semi-transparent material. Place a bright source of light behind the subject so you are shooting against the light. The brighter the light, the better. You want your silhouette to stand out to create a ghostly effect.

Create Motion Blur
Use motion blur, or long exposure photography to create some ghostly images this Halloween. Since you will need to take these creepy photos using a slow shutter speed, you’ll want to use a tripod. However, if you are on the move, or don’t have a tripod handy, you can try the panning technique with your camera to give your images that eerie feel.

Add Creepiness During Post-Processing
If you don’t have all the props and equipment on hand needed to create some scary good images this Halloween, no worries. There are some simple tricks you can use during post-processing to take the scary factor up a notch or two! Under normal photography circumstances, you’re usually trying to add rich colors to your images. However, images with cooler tones will look scarier. You can achieve this effect when editing your scary images by decreasing the color temperature. Didn’t achieve the light effects you’d hope for? Try using the blending mode in Photoshop to create glowing lights in your Halloween images. This is especially helpful if you are photographing any witches or warlocks that are trying to conjure up some magic with their wands!

Ghostly Double Exposure
Create a truly ghostly image by simply selecting the double-exposure setting on your camera. Once you decide on your spooky scene, take a shot of your base image. Turn on your camera’s Live View Mode, and then the double-exposure mode. Select that image. Your camera will take care of the rest once you choose where the next shot overlaps the first. Create ghostly apparitions floating through the hallway, or make people appear to float in mid-air.

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You’ll be able to capture these scary images with just your camera, computer and a few simple props.
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