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Creative Photography Ideas to try Right Now

Creative Photography Ideas to try Right Now

There are so many types of photography to try now. It’s the perfect time to get some photoshoot ideas and learn or brush up on some photography techniques. Obviously you will be looking for creative photo ideas and photography tips to come up with creative ways to get some DIY photography done. This is especially great for beginners looking to start or further their photography career and bring it to the next level. These are not just for the professional photographer with a career in the industry, but even if you are just a photography enthusiast or hobbyist, the tutorials will help propel any photo project to enhance your photography skills and get great photos.

There are several factors to keep in mind as you start off on some new creative photography ideas. Setting up your photography project properly is going to be key to getting high quality great photos. The thing to do would be have some tutorials ready to go so you know which way you want to veer your photography ideas towards. Then you are definitely going to need the right equipment starting with a great digital camera. That could be a DSLR camera or even an Instant Camera or Film Camera. In addition, you will want your camera settings such as ISO, Aperture, shutter speed and presets to be set properly for the new photography project that you have in mind. We will highlight several pieces of equipment which are sure to meet these new creative photography project ideas.


Let’s get Creative

Since we are starting some new creative photography projects, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. There is no reason to. So as you prepare for your photoshoot, we can discuss different photography ideas capturing everyday objects or other ideas you just may want to try out.

  1. Start by shooting in or converting your images to black and white. This is a unique way to photograph a subject or an object. Besides for the retro feel of a black and white photograph, it is important to note not to overset the contrast when shooting in black and white as this may alter the image making the black overly dark and the white overly light.

  2. Trying a different perspective when shooting photography is a cool idea many photographers like to use when they want continue to grow their creative photography ideas. You can change your perspective as you shoot stills or videos and change what the viewer sees. This is great for getting shots at different angles.

  3. Want to give a shot at landscape photography? This is a great way for beginners to start being creative. Use a slow shutter speed for a long exposure to get as much light as you need in. Beware of overexposing and causing to much light to enter the frame causing light trails. Although these can be fun to photograph.

  4. Use a fast shutter speed for action photography. This will help you get great burst photos of high speed photography like sports.

  5. Give photography during the Golden Hour a shot. The golden hour is the period of time during the first hour of light after sunrise, and the last hour of light before sunset times when the color of the sky goes from red and orange to yellow. This is a cool time to capture water drops and water splash with a great looking background.

  6. Use macro photography with a macro lens with tremendous magnification for great close up shots. You subjects will appreciate the beauty of the still image with the final exposure.

  7. Get a great Bokeh effect when shooting a close-up shot of your subject with a gorgeous blurred background. This will allow the subject of your image to be highlighted with a great frame and focus on the subject.

  8. Control your depth of field shooting even setting when shooting in a shallow depth of field with tilt-shift. Tilt-shift moves the lens position in regards to the image sensor on the camera for different perspectives on your shots.

  9. Test your hand at working the shutter speed on your camera. A quick shutter release will allow for less light ambient light or natural light to enter the image where as a slower shutter speed allows for more natural and ambient light to enter the frame.

  10. Give a shot at abstract photography. You can utilize movement, color, texture and light to transform the world we see into an cool unexpected image. Abstract photography adds a bit of DIY photography ideas for how you want your image focusing not on the subject or object in the scene, but rather non physical aspects of your exposure.

  11. Go ahead and shoot some crystal ball photography. Crystal ball photography, also known as Glass ball photography, uses refraction to capture unique images. So you put a crystal ball in front of the scene being captured by the lens and you get a cool inverted image. Try blurring out the background in these situations by shooting with a wide aperture, in case you don’t want the inverted background to be so obvious.

  12. Try taking some cool self portraits or selfies. These are great to upload to your social media feed and show off the fun time you are having.

  13. Speaking of putting things on social media, try food photography or still life photography. This allows you to focus on inanimate objects. So, let’s say you have an Etsy business and need great marketing photos online to show off and sell your items, then still life photography is for you.

  14. Try learning more about portrait photography? Let’s say you want to become a wedding photographer for example, you will need to be proficient at portrait photography. You will also need to have a good knowledge of post processing of your image. Using software like Adobe Lightroom will help immensely in this regard.

  15. A new creative idea is taking double exposure photography. Double exposure combines two different exposures or images that are placed one above the next. The first image overlaid on the second one has less than full opacity. Therefore some of the two combined images can be seen making one almost ghost-like image. You can use photoshop or other photo editing software like Adobe lightroom or lightsource to achieve this.·         Create a cool photo book that you can share with your family and friends showing off some of the amazing photography skills you have. This can be done with physical exposures like on a film camera or digitally with many apps available on your camera, smartphone (like an iPhone) or PC.



So of course in order to try new creative photography ideas you will need a great camera. Thankfully we have several to recommend. These cameras will help take your photography skills to the next level and get you great photos.

We will begin with the Sony ZV-1 II Vlog 4K Camera for Content Creators and Vloggers. This is an amazing camera loaded with features and specs to really come up with some creative ways to improve your photography skills. Let’s take a look at what this camera has to offer.

  • The wide-angle 18-50mm zoom lens so you can easily fit everyone or everything in the frame to beautiful portraits at 50mm.

  • The ability for real time live vlogging using the Sony Creators’ App for camera control, file transfer and cloud service. Getting great photos up on social media is a crucial way to get feedback on your new creative photo ideas.

  • Use the built in ND filter which allows you to control the exposure in your final image.

  • Extremely fast Hybrid AutoFocus (phase-detection AF / contrast detection AF). This is great, especially for beginners as you look to familiarize yourself with autofocus versus manual focus.

  • Wi-Fi on the 2.4 ghz network is standard as is bluetooth 4.2 for connectivity. In addition there is an HDMI Connector to HDMI micro connector to connect to your PC, TV, Monitor to view your photos and movies.

  • Storage on the camera is covered with a multi slot for storage using SD cards or a memory stick duo.


Next up is the Canon EOS R7 Mirrorless Camera Content Creator Kit. This fantastic APS-C CMOSR sensor camera provides an amazing capturing of 32.5 megapixels for great photos. This camera comes stacked with a plethora of great features which include the following:

  • The Canon EOS R7 comes in a great price point for all of the included features.

  • This camera has amazing high speed shooting whether you are using the mechanical shutter or the electronic shutter.

  • Fantastic speedy autofocus, with the ability to capture up to 651 zones.

  • With the included IBIS (In-Body Stabilization System) with up to 7 stops of shake correction, motion blur often associated with handheld shooting will be a thing of the past.

  • This camera uses Canon’s RF mount for lenses, so if you want a lens from a different manufacturer you will need a mounting adapter.

  • Great OLED EVF or electronic viewfinder making taking photographs and videos that much easier.

  • Wi-fi is included for connectivity.

  • The RF-S18-45mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM lens which comes with the camera gives you a great, lightweight, and versatile lens that can be used in all types of lighting situations.


Additional Equipment

This is also a great time to pair some additional equipment with purchasing a new camera to enhance and grow your creative photography. There are several which we think will help immensely in this endeavor.

First We have the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Smartphone Gimbal 3-Axis Stabilizer. This smartphone stabilizer is full of features that will help you creative photography ideas and photoshoots. Here are some of the great features:

  • This is extremely compact making it fold to fit in your palm with ease, but it will still launch automatically once unfolded.

  • Case compatible. Most people keep their phones in some sort of a case for protection, but their is no worry about fit as you don’t have to remove your smartphone case for it to fit in the DJI Osmo 6.

  • When DJI Mimo app is launched after placing your phone in the stabilizer you now have access to the app to control different settings and for post processing.

  • A 3-Axis stabilization takes care of motion blur and will produce shake free images.

  • Multiple time-lapse modes including Timelapse, Motionlapse, and Hyperlapse. With simple Motionlapse templates, you can blend beautiful moments into impressive clips.

  • For selfies you can’t beat the The DJI Osmo 6 thanks to it’s great built in extension rod. So you don’t have to worry about getting a sweet selfie to put up on social media thanks to the ability of this extension rod allowing you to capture so much more in your selfie.

  • Comes with a USB-C port for fast charging and bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity.

Speaking of phone mounts let’s get creative with the Vivitar Streaming Essentials LED Ring Light with Spider Tripod and Phone Mount. Add some great backlighting with this dimmable LED light with phone holder that has 10 brightness levels and 3 color modes. A hot shoe adapter, phone holder and remote make this great for close up photography. There is also a USB connector.

Finally where would your creative photography ideas without trying some aerial footage with drone photography. Thankfully DJI an industry leader in drones is here to give you a great option to really take your photography skills to the next level. DJI introduced us to the DJI Mini 4 Pro 4K HDR Folding Drone with RC-N2 Remote. This drone has all the features you crave. Let’s delve a bit deeper.

  • DJI’s most advanced mini camera drone to date. Weighing in at under 249 grams.

  • Can shoot 4K HDR video recordings with a refresh rate of up to 60 FPS.

  • You can capture slow motion videos in 4K up to 100 FPS.

  • Improved noise reduction for nighttime shooting and the ability to shoot in RAW image files.

  • Get great close ups with up to 2x zoom for photos, and videos with 4x zoom.

  • Safety features like cruise control and an advanced Return To Home System make this a very desirable drone.

  • Utilize all the different picture modes and intelligent sound effects.

  • Use the DJI store app to manage your products get firmware update notifications and much more.

  • Please refer to the user manual for flight specifications.

  • If your going to really push your creativity when it comes to photography than this drone will accomplish that for you. Oh and it’s great for landscape photography without question.

    dji drone

Final Thoughts

The photography project ideas coupled with the recommended equipment are just what you need to take your creative photo ideas to the next level. Check out these tutorials, pick up one of these amazing cameras and get creative!!

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