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15 Bright Ideas to Help You Look More Photogenic

15 Bright Ideas to Help You Look More Photogenic

In today’s social media-obsessed world, it’s safe to say that knowing how to be photogenic is extremely important. What’s the point of having an Instagram account if you don’t look good in pictures, right? Being photogenic is a lot harder than it looks. That’s why we’re here to help with these simple tips!  
  1. If you tend to blink in photos, close your eyes just before the picture is taken and open them slowly before the camera from clicks. No more half-closed eyes!
  1. Make sure your makeup is a perfect match. When a foundation is too pale for your skin tone, it becomes very obvious when a flash hits the skin. Match your skin to your chest and add a thin layer to your neck if your neck is paler.
  2. Curled lashes and mascara are musts. Both open up your eyes, and the eyes are the focal point of a picture. You want to draw people into a picture, so you want to maximize the impact of the eyes. The more open they are, the more the light hits them making them twinkle!
  1. Fill in your brows. Not only do your eyebrows convey character and emotion, they often mean all the difference between looking wide awake and washed out on camera.
  1. Make sure your hair is shiny. Spray-on shine is great for a last-minute add-on shine.
  1. A photo can highlight fly-a-ways, so make sure your style is sleek.
  1. Look toward a light right before someone snaps your photo. Doing so will shrink your pupils and help you avoid red eye.
  1. Surprise photo op? Try this five-second prep. Blot your face with a tissue then pinch your cheeks to create a rosy glow. Yep, it’s old school, but it works.
  1. Blush is a must! Without some color on your cheeks, your face can look two-dimensional in photos. Use a medium pink shade on the apples of your cheeks to help shape your face.
  1. Think about angles. Facing the Camera from straight on is rarely flattering. Instead, turn your head to a three-quarter position to give your features depth.
  1. Stand in front of a white wall. A light-colored backdrop will help brighten your face. Using a white background also helps a camera’s automatic settings find the right color balance, so your skin tone doesn’t end up looking too pink or yellow.
  1. Wear bright lipstick. Dark matte lip color can look aging and unflattering.
  1. Grab a seat! A photo shot from just above is way more flattering than one shot from below.
  2. Avoid standing directly under a light. Instead, stand facing a natural light source, such as a window.
  3. To make your eyes sparkle, look at a light source. A lamp or brightly lit Christmas tree will create a flattering gleam in your pupils.
The good news is learning how to be photogenic is a skill you can totally master. These tips will help you know how to be more photogenic when the next photo opportunity arises.  
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