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Adorable Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Ideas for Kids

Adorable Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Ideas for Kids

What could be cuter than a small child giving another one a valentine? Whether it’s a handful of candy or a kiss on the cheek or even a small handmade card, this is day when you’re totally allowed to break out the camera and snap as many cute photos of your little ones as possible. Instead of embarrassing your kids in front of their crushes or paying a small fortune for baby pics, stage your own fun DIY photo shoot this year. Here are some of our favorite ideas that are a little bit sweet, a little bit edgy and 100% awesome.

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Heart Glasses
Sometimes all you need to up the cuteness factor are a few accessories. Pick up some baby-sized heart glasses and a little V-day onesie for a simply adorable pic.

Paper Heart Kisses
Have your kiddo blow paper heart kisses this Valentine’s Day. Simple to DIY and always charming. Create a simple photo backdrop by adhering paper hearts to a blank wall or sheet. Have your child hold out her hand like she is blowing the heart kisses. This will create pics you cherish for years to come.

Heart in Hand
A simple photo of your child holding “your” heart in his hand says it all.

A bundle of red and pink balloons really takes it to the next level. Bonus points if you use heart-shaped balloons. A shot of your little one simply holding a bunch of balloons strung together can be cute in any location.

Pucker Up
Your little heartbreaker may not be close to snagging a boyfriend or girlfriend just yet, but a chalkboard announcement board marked with x’s and o’s is a good place to start.

Candy Hearts
Let your favorite tiny person’s spunky personality shine with a silly candy heart pic. Have them choose their favorite phrase and hold it between their front teeth.

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Kissing Booth
We know the last thing you want to think about is your child getting old enough for that first kiss. But an adorable kissing booth photo might be too hard to pass up. After all, they have to start somewhere, right?

Dream of Love
Your newest addition deserves a heart-filled moment in the spotlight. Create a “balloon” backdrop made of paper hearts. Lay them out flat above your baby’s head during nap time. It will make for a “dreamy” photo.

Want to display some sweet photos of your child online without compromising their privacy? Create a ribbon banner of x’s and o’s to hold at waist level. The final look will be perfect for sharing the love without sharing your child’s face.

Girl Power
Who says girls have to wait around for boys to give them valentines? Create a Hunger Games type photo shoot with a toy bow and arrow. This will give all the power to the little lady.

Sugar Rush 
Instead of asking your kids to “say cheese,” get them to break out their biggest grins for some giant pink and red Valentine lollipops. They can eat them after for a treat if they let you snap some photos first using your new Sony camera. Valentine’s Day is all about fun, love and happiness. So enjoy all three while photographing your little Valentine!
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