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Aerial Photography Tips for Autumn

Aerial Photography Tips for Autumn

Heading outdoors to capture some of those breathtaking shots of autumn foliage? Instead of taking the standard shots of the colorful leaves on the trees, or piles of leaves on the ground, try changing it up this season by taking to the air with a drone from Use these tips aerial photography tips for autumn to capture some unique perspectives on the most colorful time of the year.

Timing is Everything
These stunning colors of autumn won’t last forever. One hard frost, a line of strong storms, or a day of gusty winds and it could all come to an end overnight! You want to make sure you take as many shots, from as many elevations as possible so you’ll have several shots from which to choose. Use the image bracketing on your drone.
Autumn Wildlife
Autumn is also the favorite season for a lot of wildlife. Aerial drone photography is one of the best ways to capture the best shots of wildlife in their natural habitat. You’ll want to approach the animal just like you would if you were photographing from the ground- slowly. The DJI Mavic Air from is the perfect choice for shooting autumn wildlife photography because it is a small and compact drone with little sound. To keep your drone stable, go out on a day with light wind and set the drone to GPS mode. The drone will stabilize itself as you set it to a low shutter speed while keeping the ISO at 100. This will result in sharp, motion-free autumn wildlife images.
Shoot in RAW For all autumn photography images, taking photos in RAW format gives you more flexibility during post-production of your aerial autumn images. The image is uncompressed, which allows you to make adjustments to
your image.

Look for Water Be on the hunt for a source of water in the middle of a colorful forest. Lakes, ponds, streams and waterfalls are always great subjects for your aerial autumn photography. If your goal is to photograph the reflections of the autumn foliage in the water, start your journey early in the morning. You’re less likely to encounter windy conditions early in the day. It’s also a good idea to utilize drone lens filters when shooting in difficult lighting. Lens filters will enhance the colors reflected in the water.
Use these aerial photography tips for autumn to take your images to a new level this season.
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