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Celebrate Father’s Day in Pictures

Celebrate Father’s Day in Pictures

Whether he’s the man who raised you or the father of your children, the dad in your life is a special person.  Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, June 18, and while you celebrate the special man in your life, use photography to capture some special moments with him on that day.   Father/Daughter A father and daughter relationship is so special and sweet!  Make sure you capture these precious moments on your camera from Here are some adorable daddy daughter photos you will definitely want to recreate. Show how your little girl looks up to her daddy by capturing her adoring look. Snap some shots of dad playing with his little girl while capturing the priceless expressions on their faces.  Adjust your shutter speed on your DSLR from to around 1/200th of a second for best results. There’s nothing sweeter than dad carrying his little girl on his feet as they dance together. Father/Son Sons idolize their dads, and dads work hard to be the best role model for their sons.  These images show the unbreakable bond formed between father and son. Nothing pulls at your heartstrings more than dad and son spending quality time together at their favorite fishing hole on Father’s Day. Little boys are always trying to fill daddy’s shoes.  Take a picture of him trying to do just that every Father’s Day so he can see how much closer he’s getting every year. Show the trust your son has in his father as they have a playful moment on this special day. Silhouette Photos for Everyone Be creative when shooting shots of father and child or children together on Father’s Day by creating silhouettes. The best time to shoot is when the sun is low in the sky, so early morning or just before sunset. To create a silhouette, you need to position your subject so the light is behind them. As the photographer, you will be shooting towards the light source.  Your background needs to be brighter than the subject in order for them to be in shadow. One of the best things about taking silhouette photos is that there’s no need to coax your subject to smile! If you have kiddos (or husbands) who are reluctant to get in front of the camera taking a few silhouette shots is a great way to ease them into a few photos! Use these images and ideas as inspiration as you capture a few photos with Dad this Father’s Day.  The memories you will create will be priceless.
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