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Congratulations, Sony!

It's just come in that the Sony Alpha 7R has been named the 2013 Camera of the Year. This is not really unexpected if you've been following Sony's progress in cameras for the past couple of years. Well, this year, Sony was the breakaway winner even if their entry to the competition came in just under the wire. According to Popular Photography, the Sony Alpha 7R actually outperformed their expectations. The body of this camera is very small and streamlined -- smaller than the Leica M -- and packed to the brim with electronics. Even with the smaller, more compact and heat-generating body, the Alpha 7R was competitive against the other cameras in its weight-class, including the Nikon D800. Designed for serious amateurs or professionals, the Alpha 7R has a weather-sealed body, easy-to-handle body and easy-to-learn controls. It also has a very clear viewfinder and on-board WiFi with built-in connectivity. When it first arrived, everyone seemed to be expecting another super-small DSLR and not a mirrorless interchangeable lens compact with a full-frame sensor. Over all, once subjected to the Popular Photography Lab's rigorous testing, this camera came out well in the lead for 2013. So, if you're still looking for that perfect gift for the photographer in your life and you know one who is getting serious about photography as a hobby or you know a professional photographer who is looking for a little something light-weight but flexible to add to his toolkit, then the Sony Alpha 7R may be just the thing you're looking for!
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