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Creative Ways to Help Your Photography Business During COVID-19

Creative Ways to Help Your Photography Business During COVID-19


As frightening and frustrating as this time may be, don’t let COVID-19 derail your photography business. As the world gets accustomed to greeting with nods and toe taps instead of handshakes and hugs, photographers need to adapt as well. Here are some creative ways to keep your photography business afloat dung these trying times.

Virtual Photo Shoot
Now that you’re unable to meet with clients in-person due to current stay-at-home orders, you’ll have to search for an innovative way of keeping your photography business running while still practicing social distancing. One way is to offer free virtual photo shoots. You can actually conduct a virtual photo shoot by capturing photos during FaceTime calls, then later edit the images and send clients the finished work. Simply guide people on where to stand, how to hold their iPhones and which way to pose. You can take your virtual photography a step further and instruct your clients on how to design sets and lighting in their homes. Once they’re posed, photograph them from the camera on your Microsoft Surface from While these virtual photos are lower-resolution than your normal fare, the virtual photos are an innovative way to look at life during these strange times. You may even decide to continue the virtual photo shoots even after the global health crisis. A virtual photo shoot makes it easier for those unable to attend in-person shoots.


Real Estate
More real estate agents are switching to virtual tour photography as in-person open house tours cancel or are discouraged to be held. Before the coronavirus, real estate virtual tours were seen mostly as a cool gimmick that a majority of companies could live without. But since the virus started getting out of hand, and nation-wide quarantines were put in place, virtual tour photography has become essential to businesses, which gives photographers plenty to be optimistic about. As the busy spring selling season is poised to begin, the coronavirus has real estate agents switching to virtual tours. Now is the perfect time to grab your drone from so you can capture every angle of the houses and the surrounding land with aerial views. Update your collection of lenses to include a wide angle lens to use on your EOS R mirrorless camera to make the rooms look larger. With many real estate agents scrambling to get real estate virtual tours out to the public, the importance of quality cannot be stressed enough. A professional real estate video that not only tells a story, but is visually appealing and draws buyers in with emotions will go much further than a walk-through shot on an iPhone. Branch out and start promoting your real estate virtual tour services to help your photography business.


Try to make the most out of the situation. Be a little fearless, and try something new because you don't know what talents you may have hidden away.
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