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How to Make Your Photographs Look More Professional

How to Make Your Photographs Look More Professional

There’s no magic trick to taking a professional looking photo, and it usually takes years of training and practice to become a professional photographer.  However, there are some things you can do to dramatically improve your photography and look like a professional in a lot less time. model Simple Tips While Shooting Lighting- The most important aspect of photography professionals obsess over is lighting.  This is the most important tool when attempting to shoot like a professional.  There are just a few simple tips you need to remember when shooting a portrait session to make it more interesting.  Position the subject in the shade so you can place whatever lighting you desire on their face yourself with the help of a flash diffuser from  If shooting the portrait outside, you’ll need to turn their back to the sun so the harsh shadows don’t display on their face. If you are photographing landscapes, it is imperative that you take these photos during the early morning and late evening hours to achieve the most professional looking shots possible.  Pros call this time of the day the Golden Hour.  Shooting during this time helps to eliminate harsh shadows and highlights. fall Clutter- An easy mistake made by many beginner photographers is to pay such close attention to the subject that you miss the clutter, or aberrations, in the background of the photo.  This could be anything from a piece of trash, to a street sign, to other people passing by.  This clutter distracts the viewer from enjoying the subject of the photo. Single Subject- Decide on the subject you want to be the center of attention, and zoom in tight!  This will make for a much more interesting picture than one with a lot of background noise. dog Crispness- There are many factors that can impact the sharpness of your photos.  But one sure way to help you take crisp images is to get the focus right while you are shooting.  The best way to achieve this is to place the focus directly on the eye of the person you are photographing. Composition- This is probably the most difficult skill to learn when it comes to photography.  However, it can make the biggest difference in the final outcome of your images.  If you only learn one composition concept, learn the most basic rule first, the rule of thirds. You basically imagine a tic-tac-toe board on the frame of the picture, and put the most interesting part of the photo on the intersection of those lines. apple Depth of Field- This is a standard practice among professional photographers.  Learning this technique will give your photographs that professional touch you’re looking for and really make them stand out. Shallow depth of field means that the subject of the photo is sharp, and the background is blurry. cat Exposure- This is the area where practice makes perfect. When we are discussing exposure, we mean the brightness or darkness of a photo.  Digital cameras like the Nikon DF Full-Frame DSLR Camera from are great at deciding on a neutral exposure. However, they tend to make the person’s face dark and the background too bright on a sunny day.  You want the focus to be on the person’s face obviously, so you’ll need to play around with the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed to get the proper exposure you are looking for with each shot. kid Editing Software Tips After you have used your photography expertise during your photo shoot to take some awesome shots, move on to some digital styling to make them even more jaw dropping. The two most well-known pieces of editing software that allow you to creatively change the colors, contrast and exposure of your digital photos are Photoshop and Lightroom.  They allow you to remove imperfections, use the shadow/highlights tool to bring back detail that is underexposed, enhance the colors, blur the background, and so much more. There’s an App for That More and more people are using cell phones to take pictures.  But are you getting the most from your cell phone’s camera?  While many can take great shots like the Sony Xperia X 32GB 5-inch Smartphone from, there are apps that can enhance the photos and simplify shooting. PhotoToaster - This digital darkroom makes editing your iPhone photos as easy as swiping them with a finger. Photoshop Touch- This is the tablet version of Adobe’s Photoshop If you only have time to practice or perfect a few of these tips, make sure you shoot in optimal lighting, choose to be creative with your composition, and digitally style your images using editing software or apps.
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