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Love is in the Air- Capture it in Some Family Photos

Love is in the Air- Capture it in Some Family Photos

Love is in the air as we are gearing up for Valentine’s Day! Celebrate and showcase the love and affection between your family by staging a photo shoot. This is the time to pull out the red, pink, and white props. Grab a few roses and maybe a bunch of balloons. Then simply let your imagination fly free, with your camera from in hand, of course. Kiss the Cook Gather some baking utensils, Valentine’s party decorations, and a fun chalkboard to recreate a Sweet Shop scene with your little one dressed as the cook! The Family that Cooks Together Valentine's Day is all about sweet treats, after all. Having your little ones help out on some homemade goodies is no small task, or a clean one! All the more reason to grab that camera and start recording those memories! Hold my heart in your hands  Sometimes the most simplistic poses create the most emotional images. Cup your hands in front of you, and have your child place her hands inside of yours while holding a heart. Blowing Kisses: Tape hearts in an inverted triangle on a blank, light-colored wall. Be sure that the lowest point of the triangle begins at the height of your child’s head. Photograph your little Cupid’s profile in front of the hearts, as he pretends to blow them from his hands. Momma’s Boy Tell the girls your little guy will always belong to you by capturing it in a photo. For your daughter, have her sit on daddy’s lap holding a sign declaring him as a daughter’s first love! Kissing Booth Build a simple or detailed kissing booth from cardboard, wooden crates or plywood, and take a photo of your child “selling” kisses on Valentine’s Day.  The Feet Have It Paint a simple message, or hearts on the bottoms of the entire family’s feet. Photograph just the bottoms of the feet while everyone sits on the floor sticking out their feet in front of them. Don’t forget Fido Show your pet some love by snapping some simple poses with heart-shaped pillows or a single rose. Or if your furry family member is really into Valentine’s Day, prepare some extravagant photo shoots of your pet posing dressed in a tux and heart-shaped sunglasses surrounded by Valentine balloons! Whether you're looking to create a glamorous portrait, a quirky photo card, a hand-crafted scrapbook, or a digital scrapbook on your tablet from these ideas are sure to spark your creative side. Take one or two of these concepts and put your own spin on them and make this one of the most memorable Valentine's days ever.
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