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Some Useful Tips for Digital Camera Owners

While checking through stories for photography looking for some good blog fodder today, I stumbled over this really useful article at Popular Science. This article offers up some really good advice for people who own digital cameras, especially those that are pocket-sized. The bit about having a photo with your phone number could definitely be useful in case you ever lose your camera or have it stolen. Some of the other tips are also useful (using your camera as a mirror in situations where there isn't one). However, what are some other uses you could put your camera to? I really could have used a pocket camera when I was in college. It would have made taking notes in algebra and chemistry so much easier since I could have photographed the diagrams the professor put up instead of trying to copy them into my notes. I also could have used a camera to get out of a speeding ticket by proving that the speed limit sign was gone right ahead of a speeding trap (55 MPH down to 45 MPH on a State highway. The speed limit sign had been knocked down by a wreck earlier that week). Cameras could also be useful for buying clothing. If you're not certain whether or not something looks good on you (or if you're like me and completely fashion-blind), then a quick photo with a pocket camera sent to someone who can discern these mysteries would make life much easier. They could also help you with remembering exactly which kind of milk or eggs to get when your room-mate sends you out shopping and you get the "wrong" kind. What are some things you could see using a pocket camera for other than taking photos? -- da Bird
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