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Surviving a Family Photoshoot

Surviving a Family Photoshoot

Family vacations to the beach or summer family reunions are the perfect time to gather the family together for a family photoshoot. Maybe you’re just one of those people that really likes to plan ahead and have your Holiday cards ready to send out before you buy your first gift. Whatever the case, getting the family together to take those family photoshoots can become pretty chaotic if you don’t plan ahead. Here are some tips for ways to survive a family photoshoot so everyone is all smiles when the shutter snaps.

Surviving a Family Photoshoot

Planning is Everything

Plan ahead. Choose everyone’s outfits and organize them on a labelled hanger for each member of the family. Make sure everyone feels comfortable. A family photoshoot is not the time to try to squeeze into those skinny jeans from high school. Let the kids wear their favorite outfits if appropriate. There’s nothing worse than wearing clothes you’re not comfortable wearing when trying to look natural in front of the camera from Make a list of all of the items and personal props you are planning to use in the family photoshoot so nothing is forgotten.

Keep Everyone Fed

There’s nothing worse than hungry kids, or spouses, in the middle of your family photoshoot. Feed everyone a nutritious snack consisting of proteins to keep them feeling full longer. Pack small and easy snacks, along with some bottles of water just in case someone needs it during the family photoshoot.

Be prompt

However long it usually takes your family to get ready to go somewhere, allow yourself twice as much time to get ready for your family photoshoot! Whatever time you are planning to leave the house for your family photoshoot, leave at least 30 minutes earlier to allow for any mishaps or forgotten items you need to return to the house to retrieve. You want to arrive to the family photoshoot early so the photographer doesn’t have to rush through your session. This will help everyone feel less stressed during the family photoshoot.

Timing is Everything

If you are taking the family photos yourself, make sure you time your family photoshoot around the lighting conditions. If you’re planning to shoot outdoors with your Sony camera from, try to avoid the middle of the day for your family photoshoot. Time your family photoshoot during the golden hours, an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset for the best results.

Surviving a Family Photoshoot
Go with the Flow

Of course there will be certain poses you want taken during your family photoshoot. But a family photoshoot isn’t just about the posed images. Some of the best photos occur when the kids, or the entire family is just joking around. Those more “unposed” or candid shots taken using your Sigma camera lens, are usually the “keepers”.

Surviving a Family Photoshoot

Use these tips to help you survive your family photoshoot.

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