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Top 10 Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Top 10 Photography Mistakes to Avoid

If you want to take your photography to the next level, here is a list of some common mistakes that may be holding you back.  DO NOT do these things, and you will find yourself taking higher quality photos right away. Not Paying Attention to Location or Background Don’t get in a hurry to take a photo just because you finally got everyone together in the same spot.  Always check out your surroundings for things in the background that may totally ruin the photo.  Once you have four generations in the frame of your new DSLR from and ready to go, you may not notice the man in the background at the edge of the water tugging at his Speedos, or the dumpster of trash at the edge of your frame that will totally distract from your subjects.  Sometimes it may only require a slight turn of your subject to a different angle, or it may require the whole group to move to a different location for a clutter free shot. Not Worrying About Focus Always make sure you find your focus point and point it at your subject before composing the shot so the image will be focused when you take the picture.  The viewer’s eyes will be drawn to the clearest, sharpest part of the image.  If photographing a flower, you don’t want that to be the leaves, the blooming flower is the main subject.  If it is a portrait, you don’t want the subject’s face to be blurry with a sharp image of a car in the background.  The sharp focus needs to be on the person’s eyes.  With one of the new DSLR’s from, this is easier to do now than ever before. Forgetting to Think About Lighting Lighting is everything when it comes to photography.  It makes the difference between an ordinary shot and a magazine worthy shot!  You just can’t go wrong if you focus on natural lighting that isn’t too harsh for almost any shot. Shooting into the Sun Typically, you never wantto take any photo facing a light source.  Your camera will adjust to the brightness causing your picture to be dark.  Best practice is to have the sun behind you when shooting, or shoot during the Golden Hour, an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise. Never Zooming In When taking your photos, get as close as possible eliminating the need for cropping as much as possible.  If taken from too far away, most photos have to be cropped resulting in loss of quality. Centering the Subject Don’t make the mistake of centering your subject in the crosshairs.  Make the picture more aesthetically pleasing by following the rule of thirds. Being Stingy with your Shots Don’t just take one shot.  Remember this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Take multiple shots at different angles, zooms, and settings, and decide which you like best later. Using the Same Angles Taking shots from the same angle or perspective every time gets boring not only for your viewers, but for your subjects and yourself as well.  Branch out and try new and unique angles and perspectives.  Shoot from above, below, or ground level, to change it up. Avoiding Candid Shots Don’t think that every shot has to be perfectly planned and staged to every detail.  Sometimes the best shots are the ones taken spontaneously.  These end up being the images that evoke the most emotion and show the human sides of your subjects. Covering the Lens Believe it or not, one of the most common mistakes is either leaving the lens cap on, or covering the lens on your smartphone with your finger. Remember, life is about moments. Catch them all by avoiding these common mistakes.  
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