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Alpha 6700

Alpha 6700

Sony has announced and released an amazing new camera. The new Sony a6700 Alpha APS-C Mirrorless Camera 26MP 4K with 16-50mm Lens Kit. Announced as the newest and best camera in the Sony Alpha line of cameras. Equipped with the blazing fast BSI Exmor R CMOS sensor rivaling which has enhanced subject recognition, real-time recognition amongst other great features we will discuss you are going to get the most vibrant, sharp and high quality stills and video recordings. This camera is mounted on Sony’s patented E-mount lens mounting system. Being an ergonomic and lightweight camera for it’s specs, you will have no problem with on the go shooting of stills and video. Also, because of this, travel photography or bringing your camera and equipment to a Vlog shoot for instance. While utilizing this camera with it’s innovative APS-C Sensor, ability to shoot 4K video at 120 FPS, your Vlog should add to your subscriber list when uploading your creative content to your social media site of choice.

The Sony Alpha 6700 is a APS-C mirrorless camera body interchangeable lens camera rivaling some full frame cameras, which sits on the Sony E-Mount system. This amazing camera can be used with over 70 Sony prime lenses including Sony’s G master lenses which are their “Gold Master” top of the line lenses. Sony FE lenses like the Sony FE 70-200mm F4 Macro G OSS II Full-Frame Compact Telephoto Zoom Lens, featuring power zoom tech, this is a wonderful zoom lens which can provide amazing up close performance and class leading with teleconverters so you can really move in close and hone in on your subject. The Alpha 6700 can be used with lenses from other manufacturers as well, like Canon, Fujifilm and Nikon. This camera, even when purchasing in a body only design is meant to be an an upgrade over the more entry level Vlogging designed Sony ZV-E1.

This camera is designed for lenses which sit on the E-Mount system from Sony. However, if you choose to use a lens from a different manufacturer that sits on their mounting system, an adapter will be needed to mount the lens on your Alpha 6700.

The Sony a6700 is the newest compact, vlog on the go camera from Sony. With a Full-frame 26.0 megapixel Exmor R image sensor, made for 4K video recordings, low noise, high sensitivity and high image quality. The information sent to the image sensor can be processed in real time, even when shooting UHD 4K video at 120 FPS. The BIONZ XR processor also enhances AF (autofocus) speed and precision. Full HD Video Recordings can also be done at up to 120 FPS.

There is an articulating touchscreen LCD screen making it even easier to focus and see your shooting area and subjects. There is also an vari-angle OLED “EVF” viewfinder with 2,359,296 dot resolution, a viewing frame rate of 120 FPS, with minimal if any motion blur when your subject is moving. Weighing at 1.1 lb or 493 grams the Sony a6700 is ergonomic and ready and made for vloggers and on the go photography.

A compact, image stabilization with 5 axis sensor shift capability, makes it easier than ever to shoot smooth, on the go, stable footage while moving around for bold, dynamic expression

Often when purchasing a new camera, out of the box a firmware update may be required. Ensure that the newest firmware is loaded on your Alpha 6700 prior to usage.


Features You Will Love

When searching for a new camera, it is so important to match up the specs, from camera to camera to ensure that you are getting the right camera that suits your needs. The Sony Alpha 6700 is designed for the on the go photographer and is fantastic as a Vlogging camera as well.

With it’s ability to shoot 4k video at up to 120FPS and coupled with the speedy BIONZ XR processing engine which is up to 8x more processing capabilities than it’s predecessor, and the Exmor R CMOS image sensor with 26.01 effective megapixels, this is the camera for you. Slow motion video capturing on this extraordinary new camera can also be done in 4K. The Alpha 6700 uses its back-illuminated CMOS Sensor to power sensor crop even when recording slow motion at 4k resolution.

With it’s easy to use LCD touchscreen with touch sensitivity technology, and OLED EVF viewfinder which provides up to 0.70x magnification, and 100% scene coverage while shooting at either 60fps or 120fps frame rate setting, the Sony Alpha 6700 provides a simplistic way to make your exposures seem like your sitting right at the movies. Function keys to chose a subject or object as your focus point allows for quick decisive choices to hone in and track your subject or object. Additionally, you can swipe on the screen from the left or right edge of the shooting display, which will then show you touch icons, which allow for for quick alterations to the settings of your new camera. The function (Fn) menu can also be viewed by a quick swipe-up on the display.

Sony has incorporated the class leading technology used in the regarded CineAlta and Cinema Line, allowing the Sony a6700 to include Sony's S-Cinetone picture profile as a preset. This feature delivering images with more true color reproduction and providing natural skin tones which will leave your subjects looking sharp and accurate. This technology allows for enhancements to skin tones of your subject, and if you have multiple subjects in your exposure, Auto Focus on the Sony A6700 has a great transition speed when switching between subjects. With the use of LUTs, Sony has incorporated the ability to load Look Up Tables (LUTs) that map log capture values back to output-ready color and lightness values. They can be inputted into the final footage or used in a preview mode prior to finalizing your exposure.

The Alpha 6700’s auto-focus system with 759 phase-detection points and 25 contrast points will cover approximately 93% of the exposure frame.

Standard sensitivity ranges on the Sony A6700 range from a low ISO of 100 to an ISO of 320003, and with the onboard BIONZ XR processor the camera continues to enhance dynamic range. Flexible ISO is an S-Log3 shooting mode that allows ISO sensitivity to change according to the brightness of the scene, while aperture and shutter speed are set manually. Blown out highlights or blocked shadows should be a thing of the past.

As we know AI or “Artificial Intelligence” is the newest technology craze that is going to be sweeping the industry for the foreseeable future. Sony has stepped up to the plate to meet the challenge in this arena. So, Sony built the Alpha 6700 which comes standard with an intuitive AI processing unit that vastly enhances its performance. It’s AI processor can vastly improve subject recognition by using it’s algorithm to include humans, animals, birds, automobiles, planes, trains and even bugs or insects.

And fret not if you are an photographer on the go, the new Alpha 6700 will help keep your video recordings and still images nice and smooth thanks to it’s Active Mode electronic image stabilization. With its ergonomic design, and lightweight 493 gram body, the Sony a6700 will allow you to travel with ease and without compromising image quality. An all new grip design provides a more comfortable grip, while giving greater control for shooting both stills and video recordings.

A set focal length lens like the 16-50 MM lens attached to the Alpha 6700 makes it simple to shoot a vlog or any scene that the viewer will be wowed by. This type of lens makes for a natural bokeh effect that lets the subject stand out. The ability to change lenses on the Alpha 6700, labels it as a ilce6700 which is Sony’s code for “Interchangeable Lens Camera on an E-mount system”.

As storage space on memory cards are so valuable, image recording can save files in jpeg format or even HEIF format which is used on many smartphones and video cameras to save file storage space. A single memory card slot is standard on the Alpha 6700 with compatibility for SD cards rated up to UHS-I.

The Sony Alpha 6700 has both mic and headphone ports, a micro HDMI socket and a USB Type C port. This port is compatible both with the USB power delivery and USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) data transfer standards. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also are standard on the Alpha 6700 for seamless connectivity, with access to the faster 5 ghz network on Wi-FI. The camera will also connect to the Sony Creators App to allow for more flexibility in post processing and uploading of your content.

The new M1 Shotgun Microphone, which Sony released alongside the a6700, is the perfect fit for your new Alpha 6700. The M1 offers eight different recording patterns allowing you capture all or specific audio points in the room where you scene is being shot. It also comes in a compact form factor which will have you hardly realizing it’s on the camera.

Availability and Battery

Sony announced the Alpha 6700 for pre-order on July 12, 2023 with shipping beginning at approximately the end of July. The Alpha 6700 has a powerful battery the NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (rated at approx. 570 Shots). As the Alpha 6700 is designed for ease of use in travel and as an “on-the-go” camera, you will most likely be using this in that type of a scenario. Or when using the camera while Vlogging or making creative content, we recommend that you purchase a backup battery and/or a power bank for those longer usage times.

The Camera for You

With the impressive features and specs of the new Sony Alpha 6700 that we discussed here, we believe that this is the camera you will want. If you are a Vlogger or a content creator, than this is definitely a camera you will want to have in your arsenal. Because of it’s ergonomic and lightweight form factor which creates an wonderful ease of use when traveling or using the camera, your Vlog will be that much better. No shake or blur worry, your high quality content can be easily uploaded to your Vlog site.

As previously discussed, with 26 effective megapixels, 4K 120FPS video recording capability and a new AI processor, leave Vloggers and Content Creators needing to look no further than the Sony a6700 as your choice for an on the go camera.

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