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Tips for the best Easter photographs ever

Tips for the best Easter photographs ever

With Easter quickly approaching, now is the time to brush up and enhance your Easter photography. You can work on your Easter photoshoot in the same vein as you did photographing over Christmas. Getting great photos in your Easter photo session can be achieved with a combination of some tips, tutorials and recommendations for cameras and lenses to assist you in this regard. Any professional photographer will tell you the importance of both of these factors. Whether this is the first Easter where you are focusing on your photography, or if you are taking professional Easter pictures, setting up and taking those great Easter photos is just a step away.

When trying to set up for your Easter photoshoot you can DIY, as we previously delineated. So let’s explore some photography tips and photo ideas on how to get the most out of your exposures this Easter season.


Photography Ideas

Taking pics during Easter can be an fun, enjoyable and memorable experience. Below we will provide some tips and tutorials to assist you in obtaining those high quality images and videos, as they will evoke cherished family memories.

1. Have your family dress up in their springtime Sunday best as you grab those beautiful close up shots of your subjects. Family portraits are a great way to create wonderful memories that last through time.

2. Try adding some baby photos to your scene. Having baby photos of your subject, possibly in Easters of past years will only add to the appeal of your new still images and videos.

3. Get some photos of your Easter egg hunt. Having family photos of this fun adventure with your colorful eggs and an Easter Bunny really add to the theme of your exposure.

4. Focus on pastel colors that go with the Easter theme as commonly found on plastic eggs. Yellows, pinks and other floral colors are great to go with.

5. Have your family members or friends on your Easter egg hunt dress up with Bunny ears holding their Easter baskets. This is a perfect time to get those hilarious candid shots as your family searches and searches and tries to win the egg hunt.

5. For beginners we recommend using the Auto Focus mode on your camera, as this will ensure that your camera takes all of the aspects of your environment and set the camera settings accordingly. For more experienced photographers, or if you would like more control over camera settings try using Manual Mode. Shooting in manual mode gives you a tremendous amount of control over the in camera settings such as aperture, ISO, white balance, shutter speeds.

6. We recommend using a tripod to help avoid camera shake which is a common issue with handheld photography. If you don’t have a tripod, don’t fear as the cameras we will recommend do come with stabilization to assist with shake and blur.

7. Watch your camera flash appropriately. If you have the flash set when shooting outdoors, you may have too much distortion of the image because of the ambient light from the sun.

8. Taking Easter photos with a great Bokeh effect is the icing on the cake for your exposures. Hone the camera in on your subject and set the camera for a blurred background. This will get you a gorgeous exposure focused in on every detail of your subjects with a beautiful Bokeh effect.

9. Use post processing software like Adobe Lightroom or others to make any DIY changes to your image exposure.

10. Try taking some photos with your smartphone like an iPhone such as selfies with your family members. You can use apps from your smartphone or from your camera if it is connected to it’s companion app to upload photos to your social media page. What better way to show off your Easter Photography skills.



This Easter, taking advantage of the holiday to get great photos will require a good digital camera. Hence, we have several ideas for cameras that are perfect for this occasion.

First we would like to start with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 Instant Film Camera. Here are some of the features of this cool gadget retro film camera that will appeal to you.

  • The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 has the retro look of a Polaroid. This vintage camera has a really unique peak design coupled with some great features.

  • Taking selfies over Easter with your loved ones can be a memorable enjoyable experience. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is a great camera for this purpose. With it’s built in selfie lens, it’s as simple as depressing the shutter in Selfie mode.

  • While the camera automatically adjusts to ambient light or natural light, the shutter speed, flash brightness and other settings are all done for you. This makes for a great camera even for beginners, as all you have to do as a photographer is point and shoot and the camera will optimize the exposure for a high quality image.

  • Very easy to use. With a quick twist of the lens to turn on the camera and then twist again for close up mode. Depress the shutter button for a quick release, capturing those images quickly.

  • With this iconic looking instant photo camera, use the Instax Up app from Fuji. So get ready to put your jaw dropping Easter photos on social media.

  • With the Instax instant Film your instant image printing can make for exposures which will look great in a photography book. Add in some baby photos to that photography book and you can make a sort of through the years collage.

We would be remiss without recommending the Sony a6400 Mirrorless APS-C Camera with 18-135mm and 55-210mm Zoom Lens. This DSLR camera is stock full of great features and comes with Sony’s E-mount zoom lens.

  • This camera comes in at a very reasonable price point for a DSLR camera with such features.

  • 24.2 effective megapixel CMOS sensor for high quality images.

  • Easy to use as a webcam for livestreaming.

  • Availability to interchange with so many lenses from Sony, even the Sony EPZ lenses. This lens uses a power zoom design and is made for Sony’s APS-C mirrorless cameras. This is in addition to the availability of their Gold Master Lenses. Don’t forget if you are getting a lens from a different manufacturer that sits on their own proprietary mount, you will need a lens mounting adapter.    

  • This camera bundle includes the fantastic 55-210mm zoom lens for those close up shots from a distance.

  • New advanced Real Time Auto Focus is intuitive to use. Just touch the EVF or LCD screen to indicate the subject or object on which you want to focus on. With the world’s fastest 0.02 seconds Autofocus acquisition speed plus 425 phase-detection, you are sure to get great photos as your subject should be fully seen in the exposure.

  • The tracking feature on the camera easily switches and identifies the subjects body, face and eyes.

  • Image recording can save files in jpeg format or even RAW format, which is used on many smartphones and video cameras for more detailed post processing and editing.

  • The Sony Alpha a6400 offers in-camera 4K recording by oversampling at 2.4x the image. It uses the HLG and the S-Log3/2 standard for obtaining images and videos in high definition at up to 30 frames per second and FHD Full HD 1920x1080p in 60 FPS. Slow motion video capturing is also provides on this extraordinary new camera. The camera will even use its back-illuminated CMOS Sensor to power sensor crop even when recording slow motion at 4k resolution.   

  • The Sony Alpha a6400 will help keep things smooth taking shots images and stills on the move. It’s electronic image stabilization delivers stable video footage with minimal shake and blur during hand-held recording.

  • The touchpad allows you to maneuver the focus position while you examine the scene and your subject through the EVF or Electronic View Finder.

  • The Sony a6400 powerful back illuminated CMOS sensor is made to maximize light, producing breathtaking 4K HDR movies with high-quality images and less noise. This is true even when shooting in difficult lighting conditions such as a low light setting.



Having a great lens to go with your new camera when shooting Easter photos is crucial. One particular lens that we just love is the Sony FE 35mm F1.4 GM G Master Full Frame Wide Angle Lens.

  • This is a Sony G Master lens or (Gold Standard) from of the highest build quality at a great price point.

  • Two Extreme Aspherical lens elements correct distortion found in photography, so that high resolution is found throughout your image to the edges.

  • Comes with Sony’s Nano AR Coating II which produces a layer of on the lens to reduce reflections which may cause ghosting.

  • Autofocus and and Manual Focus (linear response) are present and can be controlled by the focus ring. There are focus hold buttons to ensure the exact focal length you need and an instant autofocus/manual focus choice by using the AF/MF switch.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry at just 524 grams, this should not add additional pressure to your arms and hands when using the lens.

  • Amazing beautiful pixel count with detailed crisp stills and videos creating unique, beautiful image quality.

  • This full frame wide angle lens can capture jaw dropping image quality. The f/1.4 aperture will help you to keep your ISO low, meaning you'll have higher quality images with less noise this Easter.

Happy Easter

With the tutorials we provided coupled with one or more of our camera and lens recommendations, having your Easter photoshoot this year will be a breeze. With springtime on the horizon and a great fun holiday like Easter almost here, brushing up and improving your photo skills will surely come in handy. So don’t fret about DIY Easter photography, has you covered.

Happy Easter to all!!

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